It’s not as easy financially to adopt a pet these days. The old days of a small fee to adopt a dog or cat are over. You should take into consideration the reason behind this.

Pet Adoption


f you haven’t looked at pet adoption agencies lately, you may be shocked at the jump in

 adoption fees. It seems that cheap adoptions led to neglected pets by the new owners or worse.  This wasn’t always an intentional neglect I’m certain as some people don’t realize the huge responsibility that a pet brings. Pets require vet visits, including shots and yearly visits, as children do. That’s not to say it didn’t open up a lot of planned or purposeful abuse.

To insure this doesn’t happen, most pet adoption agencies are including a wellness check up including shot, neutering etc. This method is meant to scare away a lot of bad animal neglect. Adoption fees can range from $125.-$300. This does not cover the cost of many dogs as so many come to these agencies hurt or abandoned and neglected. The vet bills can be astronomical for very sick or hurt animals. These fees are absorbed by the shelter which

in some cases can be a private one which does not have a huge donation clientele.

Even private owners are asking re-homing fees for their pets they can no longer care for.  There are still some free pets available which are posted on sites like Craigslist but these are mostly older dogs and cats. You should weigh out whether it’s worth it. Having a pet with a clean bill of health may give you more peace of mind.

The other alternative if you cannot afford a large fee is to foster an animal. In this case, you would pay for food, treats and toys. You would love the animal as your own until he or she is

placed in a permanent home. The agency or shelter supplies all medical treatment.

Fostering an animal provides it with a stable environment while it waits for its adoption. It would make the transition so much smoother for the animal rather than being in a shelter.  There is an emotional side of this, as getting attached to the animal can be heartbreaking for the foster care giver.


These are just some things to consider when looking for a new pet from the shelter.  Either way you can save a pet and do something good for a helpless animal.