Riding in Style

Having pet strollers for small dogs, is a great way to head out to the park without having to carry your pet all the way there in your arms. 

If you have an older, or a very small dog, up to 25 pounds, that can’t make that long walk to the park to play, then you have a few choices.  You can either simply carry them, or get a carrier tote that you would have to carry on your shoulder, or you can consider these strollers for small pooches. 

These strollers have a covered in back area for the weather and the sun, and an open netted area to keep your pet safe.

These pet strollers can carry up to 25 pounds, are simple and lightweight.  These are a great idea if you simply can’t carry your pooch around, either in your arms or in a tote, as even a 12 pound dog can feel heavy after a long walk.  This can be hard on your shoulders and your back.

But if you enjoy taking your dog with you everywhere, then this is something you may want to consider when it comes to heading out for a walk on the sidewalk or in your local parks.  These strollers for your dogs fold down to fit in the car, so you can take them anywhere you want.

They have a soft padded area for your dog, and this is especially good for older dogs, who love  to walk for a short walk, but their legs just can’t carry them very far, and you don’t have the stamina to be hauling them around everywhere in your arms.

This particular style of stroller, even has a cup holder so you can have your coffee while getting in your walk.

If you like to walk for exercise yourself, and like to walk for a mile or more, but usually have to leave your little dog at home, this would be a great way to have him along.  Since our pets are family members, this is a great way to stay together. 

Get to your destination, take your little guy for a little exercise let him do some sniffing of that nice spring air and everything around, and then when he tires, just put him in the stroller, and now it is your turn to walk fast, and get your exercise.  He will enjoy the ride, especially if he likes car rides, he will love this ride.

This is also a great tool for taking your pet to the veterinarian for his check up, he will feel safe in his stroller, and you don’t have to hurt your back or shoulders capet strollers for small dogsrrying him or trying to keep him still in the office.  He can hide in the covered part of the stroller if he is nervous in the waiting room.Fifth Avenue Pet Stroller, Pink

Taking care of our pets as they age can be hard, but if you look at your local pet supply store, you can see all the wonderful inventions and ideas that are now on the market to help your older dog live with dignity.  Everything from ramps for getting into cars or even onto the sofa are available, as well as shelves for windowsills for your cats. 

Getting pet strollers for small dogs or cats, is just another great tool for your pet and you.  You can now take him on those long walks, without fear of tiring him out, or having to carry him everywhere. You can shop around town with him in your stroller, pick up a coffee and head to the park with no fear of him escaping from your arms or getting stepped on, with a busy sidewalk of people, especially if he or she is very small.

So, if you are a person who loves to take your small dog everywhere you go, then getting a pet stroller for dogs is a great idea, and gets you and your dog out for some much needed exercise in style and comfort.  Also see screened gazebos for cats for outdoor fun time.

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