Pet supplies mobility tips and orthopedic advice for arthritis and dog in pain.

Breaking it down, how can we decrease your dog's burden of walking more slowly due to pain? Let's make everyday life easier to navigate for the older or arthritic dogs in the family. You may have a younger dog, due to misaligned or malformed bones, with a sore hip, knee, shoulder or elbow. Use these mobility aids in recovery from illness or injury, any age.

Orthopedic Dog Beds
Is the puppers showing signs of stiffness when waking up from sleeping? Hard surface sleeping is not recommended for joint conditions such as elbow or hip dysplasia. Wear and tear on otherwise normal joints makes it harder for dogs to sleep on a sinkable soft cushion. Orthopedic beds are designed with foam filled support, making it easier for dogs to get in and out of them.

Lift and Assist Harness
Reluctant or unwilling to climb stairs or jump? Limbs affected by loss of muscle? Difficulty squatting? Specialty leashes are designed as a carrier harness. A pull up on the handles relieves weight pressure on mid section, front, or hind quarters. A handicap accessory you will be glad to have.

Ramps and Steps
Increase access to furniture with a comfortable boost in the right direction. Help decrease joint stress with another way to access floor levels.

Pet Travel
On the go comfort -The key to a smoother transfer for the traveling pet. Recreational activities or vet visits just got easier with these following dog supplies.

Pet Ramps. Unstable on the step up and jump down? No more stress-by-impact getting in and out of the vehicles. Choose from various lengths and styles, including folding and retracting pet stairs.

Pet Strollers. An older or injured canine enjoys fresh air by traveling inside an easy to maneuver, portable stroller. Similar to the baby/toddler concept, only designed specifically for dogs of any age. Popular for parade routes & charity walks.

Carts for Crates. A dolly ride exclusively made for mobilizing a crate or larger portable carrier. Transport the not-so-lap dogs. Great for negotiating the airport walk-n-wait, parade routes, charity walks. Instant wheels for heavier pets and those already broken in to the comfort found inside of their crate.

Bicycle Trailers. Dog cannot do this distance for medical or physical reasons? Don't cancel the quest. Hook up these trailers to your bike designed for a lower-to-the-ground riding adventure.

Vehicle Safety
Discourage curious paws from exploring your vehicle.

Vehicle Barriers. Containment protects you and your pet while you are driving. Add an orthopedic dog bed or cargo liner to snuggle up for a restful ride.

Car Seat Covers. Various designs available. Hammocks surround your dog in roomy comfort. Cargo liners offer a more custom fit or a more conformed padding than your old tossed in blanket.

Vehicle Restraints. A seat belt harness limits, stabilizes movements while at the same time prevents leaping attempts on the good legs when you are driving.