Lots of people all over the world are absolutely scared to death of frogs and especially toads. Lets start off by quickly telling you the different between a frog and a toad. Most frogs that you will come into contact with will be slimy and have smooth skin, toads are totally different because their skin is lumpy and covered in wart like lumps and they are not slimy. Despite there warty appearance lots of people like to keep toads as pets.

So if you are thinking about joining them and getting yourself a few pet toads, here is some quick info on toads to get you started. The first thing I need to tell you about toads is, they don't like being picked up and handled. Lots of people actually think that you can get warts by picking up a toad, this is just an old wife's tale that has ever been proven. But toads do secrete a toxic substance from their skin when you pick them up and hold them. This is a defense mechanism, being they feel threatened by you and rightly so because we are many times bigger than them.

The best place to keep your pet toads is in an aquarium, this is because not only are toads land dwellers but they also like the water as well. So it will be a good idea to make it so that they have plenty of land area in the aquarium and a nice size water area were they can go for a drink and a swim. All toads are different though, some like the water the most and some like the land most.

A pet toads diet is also very important, so if you are squeamish about feeding your toad creepy crawlies like crickets and other bugs then a toad is not going to be the pet for you. You should be able to pick up all of your pet toad food at the local pet store, it will also be a good idea to get yourself some vitamin rich powder that you can use to lightly cover your pet toads food. This will ensure that your toad is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay fit and healthy. Pet toads certainly make an unusual pet, but once you start learning more about them they will quickly become an interesting and low maintenance pet for your home.