Peter Andre is loved by women all over the UK for both his good looks and his charm. He first became famous for his hit single "mysterious girl" in 1996 and then even more so after his relationship with Katie Price developed after appearing on "Im a celebrity, get me out of here", he has been at the cutting edge of the celeb society for a lengthy amount of time now. There have already been a few books written about Peter Andre's private life so we will have a closer look at the best ones.

Katie V Peter: The Inside Story of their Divorce is a really gritty understanding into the lives of both Peter Andre and Katie Price. This was the divorce that several had stated was coming, yet it was still unexpected to hear about since they appeared to be such a close couple for so long. A lot has been said in the press about the divorce proceedings, and much of the country has been split into "Team Katie" and "Team Peter" camps over the debate. You get inside information on how Katie's fresh relationship with Alex Reid impacted Peter Andre and his opinion on why the break up transpired. A must read if you want to hear both sides of the account.

All about us was written in 2006. This is clearly written whilst peter was still committed to Katie Price and this can offer an intriguing insight to what life was like at that period for Peter Andre. This is particularly great if you have read Katie Prices book. As now you can read things from the other perspective. Interesting information is given on how the relationship affected not only them as individuals but there near family too. Customers have stated this is a book that can't be put down, keeping you hooked from chapter to chapter. This is definitely recommended as a good read to capture Peter Andre's precise mindset at this time in his life!

My World: In Pictures and words is written directly by Peter Andre. He talks about the many different high and low points of his career life from commencing his music career in the nineties to falling in love with Jordan, becoming a dad for the very first time and what his lifestyle was like in the US. The book features a lot of exclusive never before seen private photos from Peter's life together with his own honest thoughts. This is really an excellent book and a real open and truthful account of Peter's life and a few of the controversial times. Numerous individuals comment that the book is rather an easy read and that Peter Andre comes out as much a better individual from it. Whatever negative happens in his life he makes it his principle never to talk bad about anyone in his book. A thing which is really amazing when you take into account some of the tough times he has had but he does not appear to be sour at all! If you truly want to know about Peter Andre from his perspective this is highly suggested.

So right now there you have 3 books on Peter Andre which are all very worth reading