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When selecting a petrol hedge trimmer, spend some time and then take into account the kind of work you may be using it for as this would decide the kind of blade as well as blade length that you'll require. Have you got tidy, well-manicured hedges which you cut frequently? Have you got a 'wild' backyard along with natural hedges which simply need to be held in check with one or two trims annually? What sort of hedge have you got? Is it coniferous, blooming or mixed? Do you require finely detailed trimming on topiaries or perhaps box hedging?

1.Narrow tooth blades. These tend to be the best option for hedges which are frequently looked after and clipped and that aren't left too long in between trims to develop any thicker twigs for trimming. Narrow tooth blades result in an excellent finish and so are the most appropriate for well-tended back yards, possibly shaped hedges or maybe topiary.

2.Wide tooth cutting blades. This type of blade can easily cut through larger twigs on the other hand leaves a rougher finish. For the reason that slicing through thicker wood necessitates increased strength, you will exclusively get wide tooth blades on higher power hedge clipper units. The actual blade width suggests the absolute maximum thickness of branch any blade can trim through therefore, a blade-width of 20cm is going to handle a 20cm diameter branch in safety.

4.Blade length. Needless to say, the longer the actual blade on the petrol hedge trimmer, the more hedge you are able to trim using a single pass. The down-side is the fact that longer blades tend to be heavier and more awkward to use. It is just a compromise somewhere between overall performance and convenience. Hedge Trimmer blades may be up to around 30" long. For the majority of requirements a blade-length of 22" is a great option. For those who have an extremely compact backyard or perhaps delicate topiary to sculpt, you could possibly choose to get a small blade trimmer and lengths begin from around 14".

3.Single action blades and dual action blades. A petrol hedge trimmer might have either single action blades or dual action blades. Each of these types has a set of blades however with regards to dual action blades, the benefit is the fact both blades move in the opposite direction and that removes much of the vibration. If you are intending to be working with your hedge clipper for long stretches, that should help save your tired arms and shoulders!

Spending time to consider precisely what you will need could prevent an expensive error as well as prevent the annoyance of finishing up with the wrong tool to do the job. A browse through the selection of petrol hedge trimmers on the market will allow you to search for the particular products which match the specifications you will need. After this, you will be able to search for the one which provides you with the very best value with regards to level of quality, dependability and affordability.