Using a pets eye view camera, is a great way to get some interesting still shots from a foot off the ground (that is assuming your cat or little dog is walking and about a foot tall)  You may even be made a bit dizzy when he rolls on the ground. 

Either way, you can get some great shots from the digital camera that clips to their collar.  It all depends on what result you want.  If you would like to be entertained by your pet and his activities with a video, then you need to get a pet collar camera video style.  But if you are quite happy with interval still pictures that you can upload onto your computer or get printed just for fun, then this camera will do the trick.

These are a little cheaper than the video camera, but just as much fun.  These little pet cameras can hold up to 40 quality pictures, (640 x 480 resolution) and you can set the interval timer for 1, 5 and 15 minutes to allow more pictures.

If you have a cat that gets around outside, and would like to know where he goes, or what he does, or how far he goes, then getting picture evidence is fun and can help you curb hiPets eye view cameras wandering if you now find he heads into dangerous territory.

If you have an indoor cat or small dog, and want to see his activities when you are not there, picture evidence is the way to go!

Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera

This is when you find out it is the pets and not the kids causing some of the mess!  You can get spy cameras for inside your house that can also watch your pets and see what they get up to, but there is something more entertaining about getting a camera from a pets point of view.  You will feel like you are looking through their eyes,  which makes it fun and also helps you to understand your pets personality a bit more, as they focus on an object and pounce!

You can then upload these to flickr or facebook or youtube to show everyone or your family and friends.  These are shots that you would have a hard time getting yourself unless you roll around on the floor under tables and couches or high in trees!Pet s Eye view Camera(52089)

On one review I was reading about this camera, a customers stated that she did not realize that her cat jumped up on the roof.  He climbed a tree and then the roof!  She was amazed at the pictures.

But you will also have to be prepared for anything nasty they get into.  I live in the country and have a cat that hunts and eats mice.  Not sure I would want to see that, but would happily put one on my indoor cat, to see what she gets up to during the day.

So, if you would like to start a new photo album with the view from the floor and wherever, then try this little camera, and get some amazing shots.

This would make the perfect gift for the animal lover in your family.  This camera is water resistant and tough and also lightweight.  Little do they know you are spying on them. 

Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera
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these are really cool