Okay, yeah it is very cool to have a reptile as your pet. It keeps your mom away, and your friends think your very brave for having a reptile in your house. But, you never had a reptile before, so what do they need? What do you eat? What habitat they live in? And the most important question of them all: which reptile is the most suitable for me. I will give you a list of the most common reptiles held as a pet, with of course all the information you will need to keep your pet healthy.

Well you never had a reptile, so lets start with the most common pet-reptiles and the most easy to take care of. In the sentence of taking care of a reptile, it is very easy, you can leave them alone all day/night if you want, you have to feed them only a couple of times per week (this relies on the sort reptile you have) and you never have to walk them.

First things first: there are a lot of different sorts of reptiles that are suitable as a pet, per reptile I will explain to you what they need, and how the take care of them. 

Leopard Gecko

The Leopard gecko is one of the cutest reptiles you can keep as a pet. With their average length of 25 cm you easily can keep 2 or 3 leopard gecko’s in a small terrarium. They can live 15 or 20 years, and weigh about 60 till 100 grams. In natural environment leopard gecko’s live in dry lands like India, Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan. In this area’s the temperature can be 45 degrees in summer, but also freezing in the winter. So they are used to an changing climate. Leopard gecko’s is a kind of gecko which is almost never aggressive, they have a strong will, but they will (almost) never bite you. 

leopard gecko1Credit: dreamstime.comCredit: dreamstime.com


You can keep 2 or 3 leopard gecko’s in an terrarium which is 60x30x30 cm. You have to ventilate the terrarium trough aluminum strokes on the front/side/or top. Also you have to keep in mind that not the whole terrarium has the same temperature. Make sure they have a nice warm spot, and a “colder” one. The average temperature has to be between 25/35 degrees during the day, and 20/25 degrees during the night. You can realize these temperature differences with a few attachments like a lamp, a mat which heats the floor, a heat-wire or a stone which gives heat.

With the division of your habitat you can be very creative. The most common “floor” for your little friends is desert sand. As Decoration you can add some plants like a cactus (without the pins of course). You can also buy some plastic plants, make sure this plants are special made for reptiles. (These are firm and can’t be eaten by the reptiles). A background is also important for your gecko’s. This gives them rest so they are less stressful. You can print a photo and this against the glass, or just buy an photo or 3d wall in a reptile/pet store.

leopard gecko2Credit: dreamstime.comCredit: dreamstime.com


Leopard geckos are insectivores. This means that they mostly like to eat insects. The most sold animals (to feed your gecko) are crickets. This is also the most healthy food for the little ones. Because they have a lot of natural vitamins etc. You can also feed them mealworms. The pro about the mealworms is that they can’t jump, and are often cheaper than crickets. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about insects, I recommend that you don’t feed the geckos insects that you find outside. There are too many species of insects which are toxic. You feed your gecko 3 times a week.

A common food problem for geckos is that they often have a short of calcium. You can give them vitamin powder which has calcium. You just sprinkle a little powder over the food you feed them and that’s it. 

leopard gecko3Credit: dreamstime.comCredit: dreamstime.com


You have to make sure that your gecko always has fresh water. As told before you feed your Leopard Geckos 3 times a week. Once a week you just clean out the corner were all the poop is. Besides that is it only necessary to clean the terrarium once a year. You just put new sand in there. It is optional to filter the sand with a sieve once a month.  


Hope you enjoyed it ;)

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