Some Very Easy Pets

A pet can provide many emotional benefits, but some people may live in apartments in which the keeping of pets is not allowed. Others may have allergies to animal fur, or perhaps share housing with those who can't, or won't have a pet. Pets are expensive too, when you consider food and veterinary bills. To all these problems there is, a very simple solution. What you need is, a pet that is Not Alive!

Pet Rocks

Pet RocksCredit: Flickr Avia Venefica

Pet rocks were quite the thing in the 1970's and many people collected them. Initially the first pet rocks were simply......well rocks, which just happened to come in special boxes with comfortable straw and holes for breathing. For the more conscientious pet rock owner, a comprehensive manual was also available called: The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock. The book also happened to be hilarious, able to tickle the funny bone of the even the most dour pet rock owner.

Luckily potty training for pet rocks is extremely easy (phew!) and pet rocks don't generally require immunizations, or even special diets. And guess what? pet rocks are available to buy again from shops, but the more creative person desirous of owning a unique and distinctive pet rock, will make their own. The best thing about pet rocks however, is that if you forget to feed them, no sweat, they won't die!

Digital Pets

TamagotchiCredit: Wikipedia

OK, so maybe a pet rock is not your thing. Well why not consider a virtual pet, like a Tamagotchi or Petz? The Tamagotchi, is a handheld digital, virtual pet simulation game, around the size of a key chain.

The back story of Tamagotchi is, that they are a small alien species, which deposited an egg on Earth. The player or Tamagotchi owner must care for the virtual egg, as it grows and develops into a, hopefully well adjusted creature (the pressure!). This may not be as easy as it sounds though, as school kids have often found, that their Tamagotchi died while they were busy at school.

Caring for your Tamagotchi also involves putting it to sleep, scolding and disciplining your pet, making sure it doesn't get sick and cleaning up after failed toilet training (eew!). Psychologists have also come up with a name for people attached to software, machines or robots The Tamagotchi effect!

Robotic pet

ParoCredit: AnimeW

If you yearn for a more interactive experience, why not consider a robotic pet like Paro? This pet is based on the beautiful harp seals of Canada. Paro which is the Rolls Royce of robotic pets, comes out of Japan and Paro is also very cute (Kawaii). As a therapeutic, robot baby harp seal, Paro is intended as a form of animal-assisted therapy and to induce a calming effect. With lovely soft and mournful eyes, Paro develops a unique personality, which corresponds to how it is treated.

Paro is also clever, not only providing comfort, but is able to recognize light and dark, recognise its name and when it is greeted or praised. Paro also expresses feelings, with sounds, movement and facial expressions, as well as making sounds like a real baby seal (oooh!). The drawback of this wonderful pet, is that it generally costs thousands of dollars! Next!

Before moving on to consider other varieties of  Not Living pets, one must simply take the time to muse upon the possibility of Furby ownership. I will acknowledge, that my own particular experience with owning a Furby pet, was somewhat.....nightmarish! but please do not let that deter you in your personal ponderings upon the creatures obvious merits.

Furby(119113)Credit: Wikipedia

Those who consider welcoming a Furby pet into their family, should also take the time to learn Furbish, the baby language of the Furby kind. You can learn to say "u-nye-ay-tay-doo?": Are you hungry? or "u-nye-way-loh-nee-way": Go to sleep now. From experience, Ferbie's don't always listen (try never). However new Ferbie's have recently hit the market, if you are game...I mean keen!

Stuffed Toys



Stuffed ToysCredit: Wikipedia

Don't go past stuffed toys as a great Not Living Pet, as they have no real upkeep requirements. Stuffed toys don't need food, medicine or walks and only need a bath occasionally. Also, I have never known a stuffed toy which chewed shoes!

If the idea of stuffed toy ownership appeals, then you have only to make decisions about the choice of character, or animal and take time to explore fabric options. Soft or plush? Teddy bears are probably the most popular option, which is strange when you consider that bears can be aggressive and dangerous in the real world; that's just anthropomorphism at its best!

If you don't have much money, or if you are the crafty type, you can make your own stuffed toy out of an old sock, or with wool and a pair of knitting needles. Or you can adopt an orphan, stuffed toy (or 100) from your local charity shop. However a wizz through the washing machine may be a sound idea before your stuffed toy, makes its home on your bed.


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