The Petsafe cat flap 4way slim clearCredit: amazon.comPetsafe cat flap 4way slim clear door, is a great product to use for interior or exterior doors.  It works very well on an interior door especially if you have dogs or other pets. 

You can keep your cat litter or cat food in a separate room or closet, and by installing one of these cat flaps they can then get in and out of the room without the dog or other pets trying to get in to eat their food or rummage in their litter!  (A huge problem in my house!)

This is also a great way to give them access to their litter box if you prefer to keep it in another room, or even out to an attached garage.

It has a 4 way locking system, that give you control over whether the cat can go out only, back in only, or in and out, or totally not at all with a full sliding locking system.

It is built to the size of a cat and is great for cats that go in and outside as well.  But the best part of this product is the ability to install it in an interior door (1-2 inches thick works best). 

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PetSafe Deluxe Locking Cat Flap Door

It comes with easy step by step installation instructions, and a friend of mine installed it on hall closet door, and keeps her cat food setup in there as she was tired of dealing with the food being eaten by the dogs.

The cats love it because it gives them freedom and the ability to get away from other pets in the house.  You can then leave the room door closed and depending on the way you set the 4 way lock, only your cat will be getting into that room.

Cats get used to it quite quickly simply because they are curious creatures to begin with.  Once installed, simply show the cat the door and move the flap with your hands to show them how it works, then put something they really like on the other side of the door such as a favourite toy or some treats.

They will quickly learn to jump through the flap.  This flap is clear so they can see through to where they are going.

Before you know it your cat will be playing with their new found toy! 

If you have a houseful of pets, and need the ability to feed the cats in a separate room, but you can’t always be there to monitor the situation, then getting a petsafe cat flap 4way slim clear door might be the best answer for you.

This way you can setup the cat food in one room or laundry room or closet even, and with this flap door they can easily get in and out without the dogs going after their food (dogs love to swipe cat food but it is not good for them as it is too rich).

You will be able to monitor better what your cats are eating, and also save on the cost of cat food if your other pets were swiping it when they could!  This is the perfect setup if you are not home during the day.  Leave the room closed and their cat flap open.

You can get these at most large pet supply stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.

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PetSafe Four-Way Locking Deluxe Cat Flap with Frame, White
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