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     There are a lot of myths and misinformation about gender reassignment surgery for transmen, commonly called Phalloplasty or "Bottom Surgery". This involves reconstruction of the genitals in order to make a phallus or penis for transmen, usually involving a donor site( most commonly the forearm). There are a lot more details to the medical procedure that I will not get into here, suffice to say that your doctor will be able to explain the procedure more accurately than I ever could. However myths can cause a lot of damage and confusion within the transgender community. So here are some of the more common myths about Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery:

  • Internet Pictures are accurate portrayals of the results. Pictures of the results commonly found on the internet only show stage one phalloplasty and give a bad impression of how things are going to turn out. There are usually two or three stages to the surgery, including the testicular implant. Make sure you are looking at final stage pictures. Phalloplasty is very costly, a lot of surgery is involved and there can be complications. Talk to your surgeon about what to expect.
  • The results always turn out bad. This is not the case, the surgeons can do a very impressive job making it as close to the real thing as possible. It just involves multiple surgeries.  It will remain the same length at all times and not get bigger when erect like some cisgender men do, but it will look and feel like a real penis.
  • There will be no sensation: The skin they take off of your forearm to make your phallus is extremely sensitive. You will feel it because it's your skin and it has sensation. Again there can be complications and every case is different but in the majority of cases feeling is clearly evident; including sexual sensation. You can also get them to leave your clitoris in place below the penis from which you will have sensation also. There are a few options so again the best source of information will be your surgeon or trans doctor.
  • You cannot pee standing up: This is also not true, you have a urethra which can be lengthened however it is one of the more complicated parts of the procedure.
  • Phalloplasty makes you a man:  False! You are already a man and an appendage is not required to prove that any more than the lack of that appendage proves transwomen to be women. 
  • Phalloplasty is the only option: This is also false, metoidioplasty is also available, involves a different set of procedures and has different results than a phalloplasty.

     There are many myths surround transgender people, and the ones surrounding bottom surgery can be the most daunting and cause a person beginning their transition a lot of anxiety.  Talk to your transgender doctor, a surgeon, or someone who has had the procedure done before you take to heart everything you hear on the internet. The internet can be a crazy place full of crazy people so be careful and do your research, it will pay off in spades in the end.

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