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Pharmaceutical Companies Who Make Billions are Against Natural Cures for Disease

By Edited Dec 9, 2014 4 12

Most people are convinced that Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Pre-Diabetes are all incurable and can only be managed. Medications for diabetes are a business worth several billions of dollars. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies do not sanction any natural cures which do not involve taking pills which have provided their livelihood for several decades. They have even lured medical doctors into their fold through offering incentives to keep patients on medications which will never cure the disease.



                                                                 A Billion Dollar Industry

I am a Pre-Diabetic, which means I can control my numbers through diet and exercise. I test my blood about once a month to make certain I am below the number 126 which classifies you as a true Diabetic. This a.m., I was at 105. My doctor prefers that I go below 100 to avoid any serious rise, a figure which is not easy to attain.

I recently read online a fascinating explanation of a doctor’s quest for a cure for diabetes. His study has taken ten years, and he is now under scrutiny by pharmaceutical companies who have threatened legal action if his story continues to be told online. I paid a nominal fee to download this article and have the hard copy to reference.

For years, Type 2 Diabetes was considered to be the result of bad eating habits, obesity, and lack of exercise. After years of research into the causes and cures for diabetes, it is now a proven fact that the main cause of Type 2 Diabetes is what are called Free Fatty Acids (FFAs), which do provide energy to the organs of the body. However, too much FFAs in the blood will cause insulin resistance. Insulin allows glucose to leave the blood and enter the cells. If the body resists insulin, glucose will then remain in the blood, elevating your blood sugar levels. Reducing the levels of FFAs in the blood will allow your body to produce enough insulin to restore your cells to healthy levels that will allow them to absorb insulin rather than resist it


Doctor's Prescription

                                                                     Doctor's Prescription

The research into this topic now advocates a natural diet consisting of four components: Niacin, Tryptophan, Vitamin C, and B-group Vitamins. It is an all-natural approach using foods containing the four components.

Simplistically, this is what happens: Niacin kills the FFAs causing your diabetes. But Niacin has to be transported to the body’s organs, and this is the role of Tryptophan, Vitamin C, and the B-group Vitamins. These components see to it that Niacin is transported and reaches the organs. Once the Niacin reaches your pancreas and liver, it begins to dissolve the Free Fatty Acids that have collected in your organs, cells, and blood stream. Your pancreas will once again start producing insulin since there are no longer any FFAs there to stop them.

To allow those with the disease to be cured at less cost than expensive prescribed medications, the medical researchers came up with a 28-Day Protocol which allows the patient to eat specific foods which contain the four components. By the way, it has cured people with Type I Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Below are examples of a day’s consumption of food. It is advised that the four components be taken between 9 and 11 each morning and should take no longer than one-half hour to consume. These are all foods which can be obtained in your supermarket at reasonable prices. For your other meals during the day, you may choose whatever you wish to eat.

Each food is labeled here as: N = Niacin, T = Tryptothan, C = Vitamin C, and B = B-Vitamins.

N: 3 oz. chicken; T: 1 oz. cashews; C: 1 yellow bell pepper; B: ¼ c. brown rice.

N: 1 med. raw carrot; T: 1 banana; C: 1 orange; B: 1 cup raspberries.

N: 3 oz beef; T: sl. cheddar cheese; C: 1 cup raw peas; B: 1 cup spinach.


Fruits and Vegetables

                                                                    Fruits and Vegetables

Each day of the 28 days has an entirely different combination of the four components for you to savor. You will feel more energetic after the first few days, as the process has begun to work. By the way, this process is a one-time deal. Both types of diabetes have been eradicated from the body of several patients. A continuation of healthy foods is the only requirement.

Pharmaceutical companies can look forward to losing a lot of money if this new research reaches the people most in need of help. Diabetes is not the only disease that is under scrutiny. Medications for cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis may someday be a thing of the past.

Big Pharma: Exposing the Global Healthcare Agenda
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(price as of Dec 9, 2014)
Pharmaceutical companies do not like natural cures.


Nov 3, 2014 2:35am
I feel your pain! I've always known this, but this was personal and well thought out. Thank you.
Dec 7, 2014 10:26pm
Great article. I think we should all eat more healthy fresh home grown foods that you know have no imported chemicals in it. Importers do not care what is in the products coming into the country any more it is like the pharmacies. money money money and greed pure and simple.
Go back to the basic farmer days and grow and cook your own stuff. rated
Dec 8, 2014 10:07am
A family member of mine is currently managing diabetes by diet (he's "pre" like you are Kellapat) and plans to continue to do this, so far, so good. He has no intention on going the drug route.

Big pharma and agri has a lot to lose if simple and more natural solutions are made public. Not to mention GMOs, but I digress...

A lot of things can be resolved by diet I think. Good article, thanks!
Dec 13, 2014 7:02am
Good article thanks for the info.
Dec 13, 2014 12:41pm
I once told my family about the pharmacy scam, they didn't believe it. They don't understand that if people become healthy, the pharmacy won't make any money.
Dec 13, 2014 2:18pm
Incredibly useful and understandable article! I have always believed that with such evolution in technology and medicine, the cure for many diseases such as diabetes and even cancer, is already found but with such cure comes the loss of billions if not trillions. It is a colossal shame that the greedy are focused on making money when there are people dying every minute. To think that our technology is so advanced today that twenty years ago - a satellite from space could clearly capture what someone's newspaper on our planet read, is utterly mind blowing. We can only hope our future is bright. But, quite truthfully let's assume no cure has been found and a regular civilian does find it - is there really a slight chance of it becoming known when billion dollar companies are against one genius?
Dec 13, 2014 8:33pm
This article is naive and misguided. I used to be a pharmaceutic rep before I decided to go to law school. There is no grand scheme by pharmaceutical companies and MDs to rip you off. If any of you geniuses ever goes to law school, take a patent law course - it will force you to consider the consequences of depending on natural remedies for everything. Every MD on the planet starts his Type 2 patients out on nothing more than a restricted diet for the first 6 months. Additionally, the Sunshine Act prevents MDs from being bribed by pharma companies. As a side note, it didn't use to be that way. This argument that pharmaceutical companies lack integrity and create pills for everything just because they can is misguided too. Drug research is expensive! Super expensive! 90% of the drugs created by companies never make a profit. The market dictates the price, not the company. The price of a drug is whatever insurance companies are willing to spend on it. A company only has 20 years after filing (US patent) to make all the money back that it spent developing the drug + the drugs that never made it to the market for one reason of the other.

I don't expect many of you to understand this, but a world without big bad pharma companies would be a world with far less medical innovation. Or, you can try to cure all your diseases with natural remedies like they do in central Africa. It's worked out so well for them :P
Dec 13, 2014 9:11pm
Thank you for your input. We like to hear both sides of the story. That is what the Forum is for.
Dec 14, 2014 1:07am
It is no secret that the cancer industry is 180 billion dollars worth.
Dec 14, 2014 11:49am
It's depressing to read and hear about this a lot of the time, but I don't see it being something we can change unfortunately. We just have to be glad that here in the UK and many other countries, we get free health care. Not that that takes away from us paying somehow.
Sep 30, 2015 2:17am
The main problem with being pre-diabetic is insulin resistance. This causes sodium retention and blocks the uptake of magnesium - the direct consequence is elevated blood pressure! It is sad that so many (95%) of what the MEDICAL EXPERTS call essential hypertension is "idiopathic". They don't know, but give cardiovascular drugs to protect the heart from hypertension. But thanks to your vitamin protocol you are taking what is good for insulin resistance and heart health. These vitamins - plus magnesium are key deficiencies for cardiovascular conditions. Linus Pauling proved that Vitamin C deficiency is the primary cause of heart disease. Elevated insulin depletes vitamin C. So - vitamins versus drugs!
Sep 30, 2015 2:39am
Thank you for stopping by, Yindee. I appreciate your input. Kellapat
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