Darts Tips

Phil Taylor is the 15 times world darts champion and regarded as the greatest player ever to play darts.Phil like every professional darts player has his own unique way of throwing darts.Phil admits "There is no right way to throw darts and no wrong way to throw darts" but he continues "There are a few key elements every great dart player shares" these elements include stance, grip, aim, and release.

Other key elements in the dart throw include rhythm, posture, equipment and a cool darts nickname is vital in making yourself a better darts player.

Find The Right Darts - Finding the darts that suit you and your style is the first tip.This includes the weight of the dart and the lenght, design and grip.Most professional darts players use light darts usually 20 gramme and under, Dennis Precisely uses darts as light as 16 gramme but strangely Phil Taylor uses 26 gramme darts.Trial and error are needed to fint the perfect darts for you.

How To Stand Playing Darts - Phil Taylor like most professional darts players stands with his leading foot turned sideways to the oche (Oche is the term used for the line you throw from).With your foot turned sideways lean slightly forward, do not lean too far forward and sacrifice balance for being a few inches closer to the dart board.Make sure your steady and comfortable and keep your body as still as possable.

How to aim your dart - Phil Taylor lines every part of his body to the target "Imagine there is a chalk line from your target running down the wall and across the floor, you should stand in a position were the line would run directly to the center of your body" he continues "Aim the dart like a gun from the center of your body".

Handle the pressure - Once you have your throw you now have to put it to the test.Pressure can cause you to throw faster and loose rhythm or shake and and loose grip both resulting in more holes in the wall than in the dart board.

Pick an awesome darts nickname - Picking a cool nickname is of course a huge part of being a better dart player - Phil 'The Power' Taylor - Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis - are both good examples, Phil 'Looser' Taylor probably wouldnt have have had as much success.

Now you have the tips of the 15 times champion of the world but lets look at the Preferred throw from the people who bring science to sport.

This animation courtesy of SitePeople shows the perfect arm position and throw for darts :

Dart Throw Animation

The key science to the darts throw - Slow backward move.Accelerate towards the target.Let the arm fully follow through.

5 Quick Darts Facts You May Not Know :

1. What height is the centre of the board from the floor on a properly mounted dart-board?

68 inches.. 5'8' (173 centimetres).

2.What name, from the Old French for 'cut a deep notch in', is used for the throwing line?

Oche. Another school of thought says that 'oche' is a Cockney corruption of the word 'hockey'.

3.What special name is given to a score of 26, comprising of a 20,5 and 1?

Bed and Breakfast.. Supposedly based on the typical price of lodgings in an old English hostelry- 2 shillings and 6 pence. A Shanghai is a triple, double and single of the same number, Three in a Bed is all 3 darts in the same number, and Madhouse refers to that most frustrating of finishes.. the double one.

4.What is the maximum allowable length for a dart?

12 inches.. Most darts are around 5-6 inches long.

5.What is the metal framework on the face of the board called?

A spider.. On most good boards, the spider is removable. Because the numbers are attached to the spider, this allows the board to be rotated so that the board's life can be extended.

Whith these tips and a few hours practice you cab start your quest to The PDC World Championship !