As a parent, I need a product that will adapt with my family's growing needs, which is why I love Phil and Teds Stroller. It was a difficult choice for me at first deciding on which one was the best for my needs, and because I was so impressed with all of them, I have them all listed here below. Phil and Ted Stroller 's are Inline Buggies that will easily grow right along with your family.

There is a unique double kit which clips easily to the back or front so two children can sit comfortably. The stroller seat goes from a lie-down positon for the newborn on up to accomodating a 5 year old. You will have the convenience of a single stroller with the accommodation of two. I will list some of the most unique features in each stroller.

This is the least expensive Phil and Teds Stroller, that features two adjustable height handles for the mom or dad, whether short or tall. It features the 3 position "ezy seal", which is heads-up, upright, and lie-flat for the newborns. It also features a double rear foot brake.

This Phil and Teds Stroller is very rugged and durable with a 4 position contour seat, the upright, heads-up, sleep, and lie-flat positions. The handle is a multi-position for all heights. There is a bumper bar which will protect your baby, also featured is a double rear foot brake for easy braking and parking. This stroller, as with the Classic, is built for two, but feels like one.

The Dash has the same multi-position seat, which will comfortably accommodate an infant up to 5 year old, or both. It also has a sunhood dwith a peek-a-boo flap so you can look in on your babies. There is a removable active seat which can be inserted for a more comfortable ride. It also features an intelligent handle that has a trigger fold and handle brake.

The Phil and Teds Stroller Hammerhead has lockable, front swivel double wheels, giving you tight turns and more stability and maneuverability. The double wheel pivoting action is perfect for riding on the pavement and navigating tight areas. It features the "multi-position" active seat, and the Intelligent handle giving you a trigger fold mechanism, and brakes.

This Phil and Teds Stroller is really something to look at, being the hottest stroller they make. It features the "Smart Handle" which provides the one-touch park brake, and multi-position adjustment. The sunhood is also multi-positon, is easy to fold, even with the double kit attached.

Phil and Teds Stroller has multiple accessories to make your child's ride even more comfortable, such as:

  • food tray
  • up & away
  • cocoon
  • peanut
  • base bag
  • stormy weather cover
  • UV sunny days cover
  • Lambskin seat cover, nice and warm
  • Snuggy Sleepsack
  • shop and drop
  • bac pac
  • hangbag