Philippine Activities

Traditional Boat ride

Philippine Boat Ride

Through various day trips, sail from island to island on a Filipino boat! Enjoy white sandy beaches sometimes deserted, discover fishing villages and magnificent underwater world. These days will be  simply unforgettable! 

You can also taste the seafood or other meats cooked over a wood fire in the shade of coconut palms, before cooling off in the ocean.  A unique experience to share with family or friends.

Philippine Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The Philippines is known for the variety and quality of its diving sites, especially the beauty of the coral and the richness of the macro-fauna. Scuba divers will really appreciate the south of the island of Luzon and the north of the island of Mindanao. Brown and white sandy slopes and wrecks ofthe second world war are waiting to be discovered by you.

Surf and Body Surfing

Philippine Body Surfing

There are two main places where surfing is renowned in the Philippines. Authentic and wild places, one of the most famous spots receives an annual phase of the World Cup.  Some waves are reserved for seasoned practitioners, however, some spot allows to beginner riders to make their debut.

Among the most famous spots, "Cloud 9" allows non-surfers to enjoy the show and take beautiful pictures, due to a protected beach near the wave zone.


Philippine Trekking

The geology of the Philippines  is composed of mountains, hills, jungles and volcanoes, that are available to hike.  Whether in the north of the country in the Visayas region the tourists can enjoy the different walks of varying length and can choose between volcano climbing, jungle walking,discovering lakes, rivers and waterfalls and rice paddies and countryside. 

All these treks are, more often than not, only available during the dry season. In the mountains, the nights can be cool (below 10 degrees) so don't forget to bring clothing!


Philippine Canyoning

Canyoning offers you the opportunity to explore the interior of the island of Cebu in a different and original way. Enjoy a day trip through the jungle and supervised by a professional. Go deep in the jungle to find the hidden natural formations and enjoy your privileged relationship with the surrounding nature.     

Philippine Regions



The central region, surrounded by many islands such as Panglao or Cabilao. Best known for White sandy beaches, mangroves, villages  located seaside or inland, tropical islands and a seabed full of discoveries.



The capital of the Central Visayas, it will often be your place of arrival to thePhilippines.  You will discover a variety of weather, depending on the east or west coast.  Living villages local colors, jungle waterfalls, colonial buildings, rice fields, mountain and beautiful seabed, a good destination for both arrival and departure.




Fourth island of the archipelago by area, Apo is divided into two parts, East and West. Both locations offer beautiful landscapes with lush jungles, lakes and waterfalls that create a magical atmosphere. 

Visit Typical markets, discover remote areas with ease and enjoy the best snorkel spot in all the country.


Island province, formerly part of Bohol and Negros, Siquijor is known for its beautiful views. Discover the island at your own pace with its markets, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, seabed and magic. Perfect place to relax, be sure to not miss the unforgettable sunset.