Philippine Tourist Attractions

Places to Visit

The Philippines is known to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. It has beautiful beaches, virgin forests, as well as historical monuments.  Moreover, it is blessed with natural resources and hospitable people. There are lots of beautiful islands, astonishing volcanoes, and dive spots. Moreover, it has exotic wildlife that adventure seekers would want to see. Here are some of the following places that nature lovers should definitely look for.


Located in northern part of the Philippines, Baguio is well-known as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool climate. It is also called “City of Pines” because there are lots of Pine Trees in the area. During summer months from April to May, tourist all over the Philippines who wish to escape the scorching warm climate flock to Baguio. Among the most notable places to visit here are Camp John Hay, Mines View Park and Burnham Park.  Session Road is also famous because of its business establishments and restaurants. The Baguio Botanical Garden offers nature lovers an environmentally clean gardens and forests in the mountains.


Boracay, located in Central Philippines, offers wonderful selections of lively white sand beaches, scuba diving sites and golf. There are lots of restaurants and bars lined up near the beach offering a variety of cuisines like Filipino, Italian, Japanese, American and Korean foods. Boracay is considered one of the best beach resorts in the world. This is mainly due to the natural beauty of the seascape. Tourists can also go for island hopping, and mountain biking.


Cebu is known to be the “Queen City of the South” in the Philippines because of its majestic beauty, cultural center, and tourist destination. It is home to some of the best beaches which are mostly located in Mactan Island. The “Sinulog Festival,” held during January, is one of the most famous celebrations in the Philippines and attracts a lot of tourism.  Cebu is also a center of commerce and trading in the center of the Philippines. It is also well knownfor the delicious and mouth watering "Cebuana Lechon" or roast pig. There are famous landmarks left by the Spanish colonizers like the Magellan Cross and Fort San Pedro.


Located near Cebu, Bohol also has lots of white sand beaches and beautiful coves. In the mainland of Bohol, there are the numerous and world famous Chocolate Hills. The world’s smallest monkey is located in Bohol. It is called “tarsier.” Moreover there is a great variety of flora and fauna. There are also famous dive spots like Panglao.


Palawan is considered to be the last frontier of the Philippines.Palawan also has lots of wonderful white sand beaches. It has the world famous Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park which has rock formations and magnificent caves. Another tourist attraction is the coral-rich Tubbataha Reef Marine Park. Palawan also has a variety of exotic flora and fauna that are very unique and not found anywhere else.