Philips has been one of the prominent manufacturing companies of television worldwide. Like all other well-known brands, Philips has ventured into the most popular type of home viewing experience which is the plasma TV experience. The company has launched its newest product in the market, Philips Plasma TV 50PFP5532D.

The market for television these days are all out for LCDs especially plasma televisions. Who wouldn't want to have the greatest home viewing experience with this magnificent creation?

The sheer size and the slimness of these new plasma televisions will stun you with awe; you'll end up thanking God you were not born during the Stone Age era.

Plasma display technology which is used by all plasma TV manufacturers, allows the creation and the display of impressive colorful pictures and sharp real-like images.

With this technology, consumers can expect wide screen format, HDTV compatibility, HD ready, DVB-T reception, integrated digital turner, stereo speakers, progressive scan, and pixel resolutions amounting to 1366 x 768.

With the wide screen format offered by Philips 50PFP5532D, the user can enjoy larger picture displayed on the screen without affecting the quality of the images. Wide screen format are vital features you must look out for when it comes to plasma televisions.

Philips Plasma TV also offers HDTV compatibility allowing its users to watch channels in high definition. Other features are integrated digital turner embedded with the Philips Plasma TV for easy access, a noise-free audio output with its stereo speakers and richer images for pleasurable viewing with the help of progressive scanning feature.

The 50 inches TV screen of Philips 50PFP5532D gives the highest display of pixel resolution which amounts to 1366 horizontally and 768 vertically. There's also the zoom picture to be adjusted to your liking and the preference to watch two shows at a time with PIP or picture-in-picture feature.

This plasma TV also offers digital noise reduction, a vital feature that helps eliminate unwanted noise. Each of these features brings your viewing experience to a more different level.

Philips 50PFP5532D has come up with rear ports as well. With this plasma TV you'll have 2 HDMI input, 1 DVI input, 1 composite input and 2 scarts connections. You will be provided with S-Video input and for other component as well.

Other significant features you'll find with Philips Plasma TV include NTSC playback, contrast ratio of 15000:1, Pixel Plus HD, 3D Comb Filter, WXGA display and a thousand page Hypertext.

With all of these great features, there's no reason why you shouldn't put Philips 50PFP5532D plasma TV on top of your list when you go out in the market to buy a new plasma TV.

With all things considered, you won't mind the competitiveness of its price among other well-known brands, just imagine the all the pleasure you'll get from it.