If you’re looking for a quality system with a sleek, modern look, consider a Phillips home theater set-up.

Phillips’ products have good sound and could even be called beautiful. They come with an array of great features and in several price ranges.

Several of Phillips’ products feature a technology they call Ambisound.

Ambisound creates a true surround sound experience with fewer speakers than a traditional surround sound system.

Room size and the position of the listener become less important with Ambisound, and the listener gets a nice immersion effect.

Another technology employed by Philips in some of their home theater systems is HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface.

HDMI can carry both digital High Definition (HD) video and digital multichannel audio.

This results in a pretty easy user interface for AV hook-up, and it’s backward-compatible with Digital Video Interface (DVI).

1080p HDMI systems deliver crystal-clear pictures, allowing standard definition films to be viewed in beautiful high definition.

Phillips, as a company, is quite dedicated to protecting the environment, so they have hired external auditors to test the efficiency of many of their products.

Those products that are found to be more than 10% more efficient than similar products on the market are tagged with Phillips’ “green logo.” Several of Phillips home theater products carry this green logo.

In addition to safety for the environment, Phillips is concerned with consumer safety.

For example, they use flame retardant materials on their televisions, which means that unlike some traditional televisions, Phillips televisions will not intensify house fires.

Some of Phillips’ home theater systems have added features. These include iPod and Phillips GoGear docks…allowing you to put your iPod directly into the system to play music or view photos or video.

Another neat feature is a USB port, where you can plug in a USB memory “stick” to listen to music or view photos.

Users tend to rate Phillips home theater systems quite high. Consumers note that the sound is clear, and the set up process is easy.

They also rate the systems as having good value for the price. These systems are available online and at most major electronics retailers.