The Phillips Hue LED Light Bulb Explained

In the fall of 2012, the giant consumer product corporation Phillips made a huge splash in the light bulb market with the introduction of the Hue.  This groundbreaking product has made a permeanent impact on both the consumer lighting and home automation industries.

The Hue led light bulb is a smart, controllable, color changing LED light bulb that you can control from your iOS or Android device, and it's changing the homes of many consumers by bringing the technology of home automation within reach of the average budget.  These fixtures are so awesome that Apple signed an exclusive distribution deal for the first few months from the release in 2012!  Now that's over, and you can buy these many other places!

What Makes The Hue Different?

Have you ever wanted to make your lights slowly fade up as your alarm clock rings?

Do you want to be able to grab your phone and quickly set mood lighting across your room- or your whole home?

Want to match the colors of the sunset with your home's lighting - done!

Wouldn't it be awesome if your light bulbs could create their own light show based on their music?

All of these things are a piece of cake for this product. The question is really, what can't the Hue system do?  The answer to that: not much!

This new design is ushering in a completely new era in energy efficient lighting.  The ability to completely control, design and create the look, security and timing of your home lighting system is amazing!  The possibilities get me so excited- this is the wave of the future, and it's in the hands of everyday, ordinary consumers at a reasonable price.

What are the Technical Details?

After reading all of the cool specifications of this new product, you may be asking yourself "Will this even work in my home?"  And that's a very valid question, as it seems that these lights are very high tech.

Philips Hue LED Light BulbCredit:

The great news about these led fixtures is that they fit into the standard home light socket, and don't require any additional wiring to be done to your home.  The starter kit includes everything you need to get going with a fully turn-key system.

The lights themselves are wirelessly controlled via iOS or Android devices, and the wireless bridge unit that comes with the bulbs can plug right into your home network router.  When you sign up for the optional online account, you can change the colors of the units from anywhere in the world!  This technology rocks!

The Wave of The Future

So what are you waiting for?  Smart homes and smart devices are the future, and now you can have the technology, in your home for an affordable price!