Should I Buy a Norelco 1150X or 1160X?

This brief account compares two popular Philips Norelco electric shavers -- the 1150X Vs 1160X -- highlighting both their differences from one another as well as the aspects they share in common with relation to their specifications, features etc. Ultimately, this article intends for you to gain a clear view as to what each shaver can offer you and in turn which one is best suited for your grooming & shaving preferences.

Fitted Technology

1150X: GyroFlex 2D | Skin Glide |

1160X: GyroFlex 2D | Skin Glide |

Both models are fitted with the two dimensional 'contouring' technology that basically makes for a more comfortable (i.e Skin glide -- running smoothly over your skin, providing minimum irritation) and effective shave (close cut on your skin) -- through circulating motions and incline tilting (in order to adjust to your face shape).

Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100
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(price as of Oct 2, 2016)

Shaving Features & Performance

1150X: SensoTouch | Dual Precision | Up & Lift | AquaTec Seal |

1160X: SensoTouch | Dual Precision | Up & Lift | Aqua Tec Seal |

Additional features are also fitted with both models to enhance the shaving performance yet further -- for instance they are installed with: i) 'SensoTouch' allows for extra comfort, ii) dual precision allows you to access "even the shortest stubble", iii) the up & lift feature that raises flat lying hair enabling it to cut right to your skin level and iv) the AquaTech seal allows for you to follow your preference on dry or wet shaves/and with shaving gel (personally I do find the latter to be more 'refreshing' & 'cooler' on the skin though). There is also a precision trimmer attachment - so you can groom facial hair (e.g. moustaches, side burns etc.).

Philips Norelco Shaver 6600 (Model 1160X/42)
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(price as of Oct 2, 2016)



Practical Specifications

1150X: Run Time: 40 mins | Battery Indicator: 2 Lvls | Travel Lock | 

1160X: Run Time: 50 mins | Battery Indicator: 2 Lvls | Travel Lock | Jet Clean (1 setting) |

With regards to the practical aspects of the shavers, you can see the 1160X has around 3 days of extra usage (from a single 1 hour shave) -- as well as both gauging the condition of the battery on a 2 level gauge. The hair is just collected in a chamber that can easily be released and the entire shaver can just be maintained through basic cleaning. The 1160X also has a jet cleaning station with a Philips cleaning solution to soak the shaving heads in (after use) -- so they can be used like new for next time.

Further Information


They are both backed on a two year warranty scheme -- this will covers costs for both labour & parts (and potential replacements) -- which initiates from the day of purchase.

Dimensions & Weight | Ergonomic Design & Finish

1150X: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches ; 1.2 pounds | Material: Foil Finish |

1160X: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches ; 1.2 pounds | Material: Foil Finish |

Both designs are featured with a non-slip grip and are conviently shaped to allow for complete & easy control.

Shaver Head Types & Other Codes

 1150X/40 - Head: RQ11 | 1160X/42 - Head: RQ11 |

Accessories -- What's in the box (package)?

  • "SensoTouch 1150X/40 razor, charging stand, protective cap, power cord, and cleaning brush"
  • "SensoTouch 1160X/42 razor, charging stand, soft pouch for travel and storage, protective cap, Jet Clean system, Jet Clean solution, power cord, and cleaning brush"

Average Review Rating (sourced

1150X: 3.9 out of 5 Stars from 1,350 + reviews.

1160X: 4.3 out of 5 Stars from 120 + reviews.

Conclusion - Which will you buy the 1150x or 1160x?

The only real difference between the two razors is that the 1160X comes with a slightly longer run time & a jet cleaning system (and a few extra accessories) -- it is up to you to decide whether these extra features are worth an extra $40 to $50 or so? As apart, from the specified above -- they offer largely the same shaving performance and experience. I would suggest the latter is probably just better suited to those who travel a fair bit and/or are after the jet cleaning solution system (which is perfectly understandable given it provides you with a more hygienic shave & hence better for those with sensitive & greasy skin).

Moreover, if you have any queries, concerns or general comments regarding either the comparison overview of the 1150X Vs 1160X or about either model specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.