Should I Buy a Norelco 1250X or 1280X?

Are you unsure on the differences between the 1250X and 1280X (Norelco electric shavers) and/or are trying to judge whether the 1280X is worth the extra cash? If so, you have come to the right comparison guide - 1250X vs 1280X - where will contrast their features, specifications and aspects through a break down analysis. Then from this, you will be able to easily identify which of the two offers the best value for money -- specifically for you.

Fitted Technology

1250X: GyroFlex 3D | Skin Glide

1280X: GyroFlex 3D | Skin Glide

Both model offers the 3D technology which incorporates three separate elements independently (all acting at once) - i) flexing, ii) contour shaving and iii) tilting (inwards) -- this allows for the shaver to run along your face incredibly smoothly (keeping irritation & discomfort to a bare minimum i.e sking glide) as well as provide an ulta close, industry leading cut.

Shaving Features & Performance

1250X: SensoTouch | Dual Precision | Up & Lift |AquaTec Seal | Ultra Track | XL | Pop-Up Trimmer

1280X: SensoTouch | Dual Precision | Up & Lift |AquaTec Seal | Ultra Track | XL | Pop-Up Trimmer

Both models also come with additional add-ons to improve your overall grooming experience further (compared to that of just standard shavers) -- the sensotouch is designed to make sure you get a well-rounded, even shave whilst the dual precision integrated into the shaving heads makes sure even the smallest hairs get cut. Furthermore, there is also a cleverly designed up & lift feature which raises hairs that are lying flat to your skin (often missed out by other razors) and cuts them at skin level. You also have the option to shave either dry or wet (with shaving gel, foam etc.) due to installed aquatec seal mechanism that is unique to Philips razors.

Also, as these are premium models they come with the XL shaving heads with ultra track -- meaning you get a more efficient shave (i.e less strokes to shave more hair) -- as well as coming with a pop up trimmer so you can specifically groom your facial hair (e.g. moustache). 

Practical Specifications

1250X: Run Time: 50 mins | Battery Indicator: 3 Lvls | Travel Lock |  Shaving Head Indicator | Cleaning Indicator | (jet clean - settings 1) |

1280X: Run Time: 60 mins | Battery Indicator: Numeric (5 Lvls) | Travel Lock |  Shaving Head Indicator | Cleaning Indicator | Jet Clean (3 Settings)

As you can see from the specifications, the 1280X model overall is superior to the 1250X -- for instance i) it has a slightly longer run time of 10 minutes (which translates into roughly an extra 3 days of use - 20 in total), ii) greater details on the condition of the battery (they also both come with a shaving head indicator - when it needs to be replaced, which is approximately every year and cleaning indicator - i.e the shaving head, shaver needs to be cleaned out) and iii) specific jet cleaning settings (cleaning, lubrication & charging).

Further Information


They are each covered with a two-year warranty scheme that covers both labour and part costs (which initiates from the day of purchase).

Dimensions & Weight | Ergonomic Design & Finish

1250X: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches ; 1.2 pounds | Material: Black Finish |

1280X: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches ; 1.2 pounds | Material: Chromed Finish |

The 1250X & 1280X both take on a ergonomically designed shape to enable the user maximum control - to basically allow for an even easier shave.

Shaver Head Types & Other Codes

1250X/40 & 1250X/42 - Head: RQ12 | 1280X/ 42 - Head: RQ12 |

Accessories -- What's in the box (package)?

  • "SensoTouch 3D 1250X/40 razor, charging stand, soft pouch for travel and storage, protective cap, power cord, and cleaning brush" & with the 1250X/42: "Jet Clean system, Jet Clean solution"
  • "SensoTouch 3D 1280x/42 or 1280x/47, jet Clean system (also serves as a charging station), jet Clean solution, [luxurious] pouch for travel and storage, protective cap, power cord and cleaning brush"

Average Review Rating (sourced

1250X: 4.3 out of 5 Stars from 900+ reviews.

1280X: 4.4 out of 5 Stars from 420 + reviews.

 Conclusion - Which will you buy the 1250x or 1280x?

As you can see both devices are extremely good electric shavers, however the 1280X does it edge it somewhat with regards to the practical features mainly -- being able to run a little longer, a more detailed battery gauge  & an advanced jet cleaning station. Apart from this, they are largely similar, particularly in the actual shaving performance & experience. It is up to you whether the extra $50 or so for the 1280X is worth it? Personally, for me it isn't -- I would go for the 1280X it was just a little more expensive say an extra $20, but anymore than that I wouldn't bother. Let me know, which one you will buy and why.

Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the comparison account - the 1250X vs 1280x - or about either model specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section (located just below the fold) and we will be sure to respond & get back to you quickly (usually within 24 hours).