Should I Buy a Norelco 1250X or 1290X?

This review account will compare the norelco '1250X Vs 1290X' -- two highly regarded premium electric shavers from Philips through an analysis breakdown contrasting various features and specifications. Therefore, this will give you a clear insight into i) which is the better overall electric shaver - specifically for you and ii) which model offers the 'best value for money' with respect to its accompanied price tag -- and from this you will be able to clearly assess which model best suits your grooming needs.

Fitted Technology

1250X: GyroFlex 3D | Skin Glide

1290X: GyroFlex 3D | Skin Glide

The 1250X & 1290X both are integrated with Philips' highly regarded 3D technology -- that basically synchronizes three separate parts -- the flexing ability, the circulation shaving as well as the tilting aspect. This in turn allows the shaver to run ultra smoothly across your face shape (i.e skin glide, following facial contours etc.) in turn minimizing potential discomfort & irritation whilst maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness in getting a close cut shave.

Shaving Features & Performance

1250X: SensoTouch | Dual Precision | Up & Lift |AquaTec Seal | Ultra Track | XL | Pop-Up Trimmer

1290X: SensoTouch | Dual Precision | Up & Lift |AquaTec Seal | Ultra Track | XL | Pop-Up Trimmer

Both models also host a range of additional features to improve your shaving experience yet further: senso-touch - designed to ensure a well rounded overall shave, dual precision - making sure even the shortest stubble hairs are cut, up & lift - raises flat lying hair to be cut at skin level. Moreover, they also are installed with an AquaTech seal -- which means you can shave to your preference whether that be either a dry or wet shave. Also, as they are the more advanced shaving models they have the specialised XL shaving heads with ultra track incorporated -- making for an even more efficient shave. There is an extra pop-up trimmer installed as well so you can groom and maintain any facial hair you have. 

Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 ) (Packaging May Vary)
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(price as of Sep 29, 2015)

Practical Specifications

1250X: Run Time: 50 mins | Battery Indicator: 3 Lvls | Travel Lock |  Shaving Head Indicator | Cleaning Indicator | (jet clean - settings 1) |

1290X: Run Time: 60 mins | Battery Indicator: Numeric (5 Lvls) | Auto Travel Lock |  Shaving Head Indicator | Cleaning Indicator

From the specifications above, you can see that from a single one hour charge -- you get a slightly longer run time with the 1290X model (roughly an extra 3 days of use, 20 in total) as well as a more detailed (5 level) gauge for the condition of the battery. They also come with further indicators to let you know when the shaving head needs changing (roughly every year) as well as when the razor needs to be cleaned (recommended twice a month, but once is more than fine). You will also notice the 1250X/42 version also comes with a jet clean solution system that cleans the shaver head (after use) -- which is obviously beneficial on  a general cleanliness level. 

Further Information


The 1250X & 1290X are backed for two years (from the date of purchase) - covering labour and part costs (along with any potential replacements) along with offering a money back guarantee scheme (if you are in anyway unhappy with the product).

Dimensions & Weight | Ergonomic Design & Finish

1250X: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches ; 1.2 pounds | Material: Black Finish |

1290X: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches ; 1.2 pounds | Material: Full Metal Zinc Finish |

Shaver Head Types & Other Codes

1250X/40 & 1250X/42 - Head: RQ12 | 1290X/40 - Head: RQ12 |

Accessories -- What's in the box (package)? 

  • "SensoTouch 3D 1250X/40 razor, charging stand, soft pouch for travel and storage, protective cap, power cord, and cleaning brush" & with the 1250X/42: "Jet Clean system, Jet Clean solution"
  • "SensoTouch 3D 1290X/40, charging stand, [luxurious] pouch for travel and storage, protective cap, power cord, and cleaning brush."

Average Review Rating (sourced

1250X: 4.3 out of 5 Stars from 900+ reviews.

1290X: 4.2 out of 5 Stars from 250+ reviews.

 Conclusion - Which will you buy the 1250x or 1290x?

The 1290x model does edge it over the 1250x, mainly just in the regards of practical specifications & design - not the actual shaving performance and experience exhibited. The 1250X does however provide a more hygienic clean given that it comes with a jet cleaning station and the 1290x doesn't. The 1290x is also quite a bit more expensive and for me I don't think an extra $50 or so is justified for it -- so I would personally opt for the 1250x model. What will you go for though? 

Also, please be sure to leave a comment, concern or query (and any experiences you may have had with these models -- or other norelco shavers in the past) in the comments section just below regarding either the comparison of the 1250X vs 1290X (or about either model specifically) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.