Going Electric With Philips Norelco 7310XL Electric Shavers

Directions say that it could be washed under a stream of warm water to clean it and it indeed does. This Shaver is easy to pack and take off. Useeven on your sailboat (for weeks) as salt-air environments have no affects on it's performance. This shaver provides a quick close shave with little if any irritation. It adjusts to the angles of your face, thus no problems getting at all your whiskers.

This razor outperforms lots of other shavers at half the price, including the high end Braun's or even the high-end Norelco's. It gets those pesky neck hairs too in just a couple passes and provides a close shave even compared to disposables without the razor burns. You could purchase it originally as an extra travel razor, a cheap spare so you won't need to be concerned about losing, nevertheless it could turn out to be your preferred shaver of choice at home likewise. With easy returns from Amazon, you risk little to nothing to give this shaver a try.

Use the 7310XL and shave in about half the time it usually takes and you face feels as smooth as a baby's.....That's because its individually floating heads adjust the blades next to your skin for particular closeness, no stubble. no shadow or pain shaving. Comfort shaving heads with a skin-friendly outline for smooth contact.

Battery Life:

While charging takes about 8 hours, it stays charged for a long, long time. This new one also runs much quieter, even plugged in. than loads of other electric's, now and again you'll wonder if its supposed to be this quiet... .but it does the job. The battery potential lives up to its advertisements! You can use the shaver every day over the course of months and may have to charge it only 5 times (almost a month per charge depending on how often you shave). With Norelco shavers, you'll be pleased by the advances like the quiet motor, lithium ion (LiOn) batteries instead of those nickel cadmium (NiCad) ones, and the ability to clean the shaver by merely running it below the tap.


  • It gives a close, comfortable shave with no heavy pressing to get a close cut with little if any irritation.
  • Superb sideburn trimmer.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Charge completed flashing LED's.
  • Easy to clean up by just running it under hot water. Battery full light and LED power indicator for cordless operation; two-year warranty and Quiet Too... .
A little tip: Use a pre-electric shave cream or gel to make the shave even easier and shorten the potentiality for razor rash.
The new "flip top" design and the ability to rinse it under running water makes cleaning a breeze. At this price, its hard to beat this new shaving system. 

Philips Norelco Rotary Power

Philips Norelco 7310XL Men's Shaving System