Norelco mens shavers are popular three-headed rotating electric razors. Noreclo mens shavers use rotary razors instead of foil blades that are normally used for other electric razor brands. I like rotary blades better personally, but both are capable electric razors that can provide a smooth and a less irritable shave. Philips Norelco mens shavers can be bought at stores or online. Philips has a variety of high quality electric razors to choose from. A good electric razor isn't exactly cheap and will cost you some money. If an electric razor only cost $20 dollars, then it's likely not a very good product. After all you want a lasting razor blade that won't cause nicks, cuts, and shaving bumps. I've used Norelco electric shavers before and they do provide less irritability. I don't ever remember developing nicks, cuts, or irritation after shaving. I have pretty sensitive skin, so it's hard finding a shaver that doesn't cause irritation. Philips electric razors also provide a pretty smooth shave.

I've listed some recommended Phillips Norelco mens shavers to purchase. You can't really go wrong with any of their products. Philips electric shavers aren't that expensive compared to some other brands. You can buy wet or dry electric shavers, which ever you prefer, for prices under $100 dollars even. Even some of the cheaper Philips Norelco mens shavers are decent products to use. They might not have some of the features that the more expensive Norelco shavers have, but can still provide you with a decent and close shave. Philips shavers can even provide a smooth shave in the neck area without the irritability that usually comes from shaving the neck.

Norelco Mens Shaving Products

Norelco mens shavers have made some modifications over the years, but still provide the same up and lift features, along with rotary blades that move according to your face as you shave. With three blades working together, Norelco electric razors help you get a closer shave and reach those difficult areas of the face. You probably won't find the 7000 series or 6000 series available online. Although you can find parts for those electric razors to buy at numerous of stores like amazon and ebay. Although they do sell the 7310 online for real cheap prices. The Norelco 8200 series, Nivea, and Arcitec razors offers 50% more shaving room than other shavers for men out on the market.

The Nivea for men electric shaver is a little cheaper that also features Nivea men shaving conditioner, and its a wet shaver. It's recommended for those with extreme sensitive skin. It features a MICROtec that helps to protect against irritation of the skin when shaving. The Nivea lotion isn't cheap though, and it's meant for wet shaving. The Nivea shaver doesn't make for a good dry electric shaver. The actual Nivea razor costs are $100 dollars. It's one of the better electric mens shavers you'll find for under $100 dollars.

Arcitec is the most expensive shaver that's loaded with features. It features a 360 flexing head for shaving much tougher, and difficult spots on the face. Prices can go as high as $200 dollars for these electric razors, but they're definitely Philip's best product out on the market.

  • Arcitec
  • Nivea for men
  • 8200 series
  • 7000 series
  • 6000 series

Philips Norelco Mens Shavers to buy online

Philip Norelco 8240XL Electric Razor - The 8000 series electric razors feature speed XL shaving heads for faster and closer shaves. It features a anti-bacterial coating on the inside and is waterproof allowing you to rinse with water. It includes the typical three-bladed rotary razors with the up and lift technology feature. It only requires one for charging. It's a reasonable priced electric razor. You can find prices ranging around or below $100 online. Which is a pretty reasonable price for a quality electric razor. You can buy online at sale stores, ebay, and walmart for prices under $100 dollars.

Philips Norelco HS8420 Nivea for Men Razor - This razor is preferable for wet shaving, since you're required to use Nivea's conditioner that will dispense through the rotary shaving heads while shaving. The conditioner helps protect, and soften the skin. You're required to use water why shaving. This is not a dry electric shaver. For dry shaving it doesn't work well as an electric shaver. A moisturized shave is better, specifically if you have very sensitive skin, then I'd recommend buying this product. It's a pretty cheap electric razor that only costs about $70 dollars. Nivea condition will usually be included during the purchase, and include nutritious ingredients like chamomile, vitamin E, and B5. It comes with a charging stand that requires 8 hours to charge. You can buy Nivea mens shavers online at walmart, amazon, and

Philips Norelco Arcitec Electric Razor with Flex & Pivot Action 1090 - This is the most expensive model and product made in the arcitec series. If you want to buy cheaper arcitec razors, then purchase the 1060x and 1050CC which very similar electric razors. The 1090 features the flex and pivot action that adjusts to your facial structure while shaving. The razors lift up hair follicles while still maintaining a gentle shave.The swiveling shaving head is suppose to endure the closest and smoothest shave possible. Features LED displays that records a shaving time. The rotary heads have a 360 degree of range when shaving. It's the best Philips Norelco mens shaver on the market, but also the most expensive shaver too. It costs above $200 dollars. You can purchase the 1090 online at amazon, target, ebay, and