Philips iPhone Docks are the better iPhone Docks around to buy for your favorite music device. Philips is a company founded in the Netherlands, famous for making all type of tech products. And of course, they've jumped in the iPhone Docks as well.

Philips iPhone Dock

When it comes to the quality of an iPhone Speaker Dock there are a couple of points you need to look out for. First of all would be the sound quality, the most important asset of all. If the sound is good, you've already won the most. Furthermore it is important to look at design as well and how easy it is to use the device. Let's dive into different docks.

Philips DC390

TPhilips iPhone Dock DC390Credit: Philips DC390 is a very simple iPhone Alarm Clock Dock. It is a speaker dock, but most of all focused around the alarm clock options. It has a digital clock in the front, which shows the time all the time in grey light. This is way more easy on the eyes than, for instance, the red light of usual alarm clocks.

As every Philips iPhone Dock it comes with Dynamic Bass Boost, which allows the bass to sound very deep. The sound is also very crisp.

The design looks good, just as every other alarm clock dock. What makes this design very interesting though is the second port where you can put another iPhone in as well (or an iPad). This allows this dock to be used by two people, if you are sleeping with your significant other for instance.

Philips Fidelio DS7550

Philips iPhone Dock DS7550Credit: Philips Fidelio DS7550 is a great looking iPhone dock, maybe the best of the Philips iPhone Docks. It has a round body and you can put your phone in the middle of it.

The sound quality of the device is way better than the DC390, especially because of it's wOOx technology. And it comes with the Dynamic Bass Boost as well. You can put the volume all the way up, without having to lose on the sound quality.

If you don't have any good music to listen on your iPhone anymore you might want to use the AUX port from this dock, which allows you to play from other mp3 devices.

Philips Fidelio DS3000

Philips iPhone Dock DS3000Credit: DS3000 is the last in this serie of Philips iPhone Docks. This docking station works really well with the different devices and is more of an on-the-go device. You can easily carry this dock around.

It's design is aimed to be slim and still good looking. It looks somewhat like the DS7550, only smaller. So it still uses the oval curves and you put your phone (or iPod) in the middle of it.

There is only one problem with this dock - there is no remote for it. This shouldn't be that big of a problem, but this dock tends to fall over pretty fast if you are controlling the music by touching you i-Device.


There are lot of different options to go for if you want to have a good looking, and of course a good sounding, Philips iPhone Dock. Hopefully this article helped you in making a sophisticated choice!