If you know of Philip Defranco or Sxephil or even if you have never heard of him you will enjoy his rise to success. It is an inspiring story of a meteoric rise to fame on youtube. He was born on December 1, 1985 and is 25 years old at the time of this article Nov 9, 2011. He was born in the Bronx, New York USA. He attended a technical community college at Asheville-Buncombe, and later a junior at East Carolina University. He currently lives with his girlfriend and 2 yorkshire terriers Rookie and Ace.

He started out his journey on youtube during his final exams at East Carolina University. His first channel was called sxephil. He currently has just over 1.9 million subscribers on his original channel sxephil.  He has 3-5 shows a week on his main channel and almost as many on his vloggity as he calls it. He also has a channel just for movie reviews, and has recently started a channel just for showing off playlists. He also had a short stint as an almost tv actor on a show called Hooking up it was a ten part webisode series.

The funny thing is that will all the success it started like so many shows on youtube. Just a guy talking into a camera sure he had help, and still does with a legit staff and everything. He makes good money in an interview from a number of sources he claimed to have over 200 thousand dollars a year from internet sources. However, he has denied this claim in several videos. Honestly, if he is making that much money he deserves it. He provides one of the best shows for getting your news some would argue on par with the daily show. Also it is success do almost entirely to viral marketing, which means people liked him and told others about him. He has a funny relevant way of looking at the world today, and even in the worst of times can make you laugh at a situation. Also, in the down economic times he gives stuff away in every PDS show. So to paraphrase his famous quotes "You've just been philled in about phill".