rembrandt philosopher in meditation

Philosophical concepts are the ideas of what's to come. A prediction of sorts.

Many of the great thinking minds of history, have dedicated their lives, to understanding these ideas and their effects on humanity. Basing their future predictions on past occurrences and calculations of variables, to understand where we are heading as a civilization.

Today's philosophers have a lot more information. There are volumes of historical text, all lending insight from the most intelligent men and women throughout history. They have the benefits of computer technology to aid them in their research. While their forefathers had but ink and quill.

Those who study this field are intense thinkers. They have the eternal question in common. The meaning of life. This common thread links them in cause and should lead to advancements with the upswing in communication we've experienced within the past few years.

Thinkers are uniting with each other and as a community as never before possible. This is going to allow them to share ideas and concepts as never before. Think of Plato and Aristotle in the same room with all the other great minds from history. They could combine their findings on so many different areas within this field. That is exactly where we sit today. We have their findings. We have the knowledge, they so carefully left behind in print.

Not only were our great ancestors incredibly proficient at using science to predict the future, but thankful for us, they were also great writers. This has allowed us an insight into generations of past experiences from many cultures. Each providing information that can be absorbed and combined.

As we head into the future new concepts in this area will emerge. Understanding what they will be is what this science is all about. Thinkers will emerge from among the masses and hopefully use this information to lead us away from disaster and into a peaceful and prosperous existence.

Mankind has followed its great philosophers for eons. The beliefs, be them real or a placebo, have helped mankind to remain optimistic, despite the many fears that face civilizations today. Knowing that someone brilliant is watching the front lines brings comfort to many.

If we break down our title, and look at only concepts, we get an understanding of the meaning for this word. It's an idea, a thought, or train of thoughts, that culminates in a way of doing something. The rest of the title is philosophy. This word deals with the study of truth. Ideals and beliefs, logic and the concept of knowing.

So, basically, we're learning truths and ideas, along with the resulting effects on society. A very daunting task. Even the greatest minds in history, struggle with this endeavor. Philosophical Concepts, are a science that deals with speculation, when all other scientific areas, deal in primarily facts.