A Thought on the Morals of Business

When thinking of a philosophical dilemma, many might think it’s a choice someone has that has rights and wrongs added to it. It has much more to do than that though; it is more of a moral situation, which affects others possibly, and effects how you feel about it afterwards. In the field of  Business, there is always going to be philosophical dilemmas. Although business might seem to have more than other fields of studies, every profession anybody goes into will have dilemmas involved.  An example of a dilemma, is having two choices to make, both having positives, but trying to figure out which one should be done is the problem.

            A common philosophical dilemma in business that is highly talked about, not as much in America, but in foreign companies, possibly put there by businesses in America is child labor.  In Developing countries many families rely on their younger children to work long hours just to keep the family from worsening poverty.  So an example of a dilemma in business is the option of outsourcing your work to another country where child labor will happen, or paying higher wages in the country you’re in. There is positives to both situations, if you go with child labor, you will obviously save money, possibly help a family out in need, when you know it might not be the right thing to do.

            Another philosophical dilemma common in business, according to a close friend, of which I'll call Chris, a major in business, is when to do something for a gain in your business, when you know it might not be the right thing to do. For example, if you’re given information from a friend in a fellow business that you possibly aren’t suppose to know, and you have know you can get away with a business decision, but it might not be morally right.  “It would be a really tough situation if you knew you could better your business, even if it wasn’t the right thing to do, and you could take a loss for not doing so,” stated Chris.

            Projections for this field in the future are looking good. “There will always be jobs in business,” said Chris “I’ve gone through several jobs, but it seems that there is always an opportunity”. Even if it might be harder to keep with a job longer in this type of industry, there will always be doors open. Overall, I think this is a great field to get into.  

            Not just people who own business are faced with dilemmas, but people involved with other’s businesses. Even average people are faced with these situations, but not everybody makes the right decisions, and that the decisions that benefit you the most, might not always be the right one to make.  Altogether, there are many philosophical dilemmas in business everywhere. If you are going into business, you are guaranteed to be in a situation where you need to make a choice.  It seems that in business, there are many more of these dilemmas than in many other fields, and decisions with bigger benefits or consequences on the end of the line, but there is going to be some in any field you choose to be associated with.