consciousnessPhilosophy of mind is the study of thinking; understanding the human thought process.

As always in this field, our results are theoretical. Truth in philosophy comes only with time. The human mind has been studied in depth throughout history with dramatically different results. Examining these results, will lead to certain conclusions concerning the human thought process.

Studies in this field have included an attempt to decide if the body and mind are separate entities, or one organism. Some believe the mind has just made up the things we see as a physical world. If this proves to be true, eventually with advances in this science, it would become possible to alter our own existence. This seems far fetched but theoretically it would become a possibility.

This has always been an abstract field of science. Where dealing with so many unknown variables. The human mind is such a complex an individual entity, that no matter how large the study, something will be left out.

Science as a rule, tries to leave no stone unturned. The smallest unmeasured variable, may alter the results in a measurable way. Someone studying how a person will react to a certain situation may leave out pertinent data. This information can be very small but cause large differences, in the scientific results of the study.

That's one of the reasons progress in this field is so illusive and results vary so widely. Consensus on implications that any one study on the subject is complete, can never be reached. Conflicting results lead only to knowing one thing, more study is needed.

Today's world of communication, has led to some very important advancements in all the sciences. Great minds have been introduced to each other, they can now communicate across continents in real time. This is something historically that's never been possible.

Leading to all kinds of advancements, this should make our general knowledge of the human mind a much friendlier place to dabble. There is so much to unlock that needs attention. Somewhere we lost the directions and this discipline is writing new ones.

Thinking minds want to know why they think, as well as why they think it. These are questions we all ask ourselves. The thoughts we have, make us who we are and this field primarily deals with the thoughts we have. Studying them and the reactions that cross over to the physical side of us, is another aspect of research that is undertaken When we look into the Philosophy of Mind.

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