Phiten Titanium Sports Jewelry Review

Phiten products, including Phiten titanium necklaces and Phiten titanium bracelets, are all the rage in the sports world. Not only players and athletes, but also their fans, and even other people are actively seeking Phiten titanium products. Well, the fame of Phiten products is still nascent, but is certainly spreading fast. Very few people outside the hallowed world of sports are actually aware of Phiten and its benefits, though the situation is set to change rapidly!

Before we proceed, let me ask you this question -

Q - What is common between these sporting giants – Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els, Lleyton Hewitt, Martina Hingis, Paula Radcliffe and Jennie Finch?

A – They ALL use and endorse Phiten titanium sports jewelry and Phiten products.

So, what exactly is Phiten, and why is the sports fraternity so excited about it? Here is a short and sweet review of Phiten products, and we will also take a look whether they actually work, and the reasons of its popularity.

Phiten Products – Origin and Concept

Phiten products came into being way back in 1992, when a small, little known Japan based company came out with a "revolutionary" discovery. What exactly was this discovery?

The Japanese makers believe that the human body produces certain "bio-electric currents" – a sort of energy waves emanating from the body. Strenuous physical activity, such as that during Sports, disturbs the balance of the bio electric currents, which contributes to increased physical stress and strain, fatigue, and even increased likelihood of injury.

The Japanese makers of Phiten discovered an important, highly secret process, that they call the "Phild Technique". In this process, titanium, an element that is otherwise insoluble in water, is converted into a water soluble dye. The solution of dye in water is then used to "impregnate" a special fabric. The resulting fabric is then converted to fiber, which in turn is used to make those titanium necklaces, titanium bracelets, belts and body sleeves.

Now, what does this specially developed fabric do, that has caught the fancy of so many sporting giants?

This fabric, or more exactly the jewelry made of the fabric, the company claims, is highly effective in regulating and retaining the balance of those "bio-electric currents" that we discussed above.

How do the Sportspersons Benefit from Phiten?

Look at what the Phiten products promise by regulating the bio-electric currents -

-> Improvement in recovery from fatigue

-> Relief from muscle strain

-> Increase in muscle flexibility and suppleness

-> Reduced tension

Is it, therefore, any wonder that sportspersons are thronging to buy Phiten titanium necklaces and bracelets?

Another user group that is particularly attracted to the benefits of Phiten jewelry is those suffering from chronic aches and pains, specially carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers.

Major League Baseball MLB Endorsement

Although the Phiten products have been around for a long time, the major boom in their popularity, and the current awareness levels have come only after their wide adoption, use and endorsement by MLB and MLB players.

The player that started this trend was the great pitcher – Randy Johnson. He discovered Phiten titanium products during a tour to Japan, and was hooked. He brought back a few back home, and soon the word started spreading.

The biggest boom came when many players in the World Series winning Red Sox team stared wearing and endorsing the Phiten titanium jewelry. The biggest name, of course, was that of Josh Beckett, the star pitcher. Other MLB players that actively endorse the Phiten products are – Justin Verlander, Joba Chamberlin, Justin Morneau and Johan Santana.

What Does FDA Say About Phiten Jewelry?

The medical community is skeptical about the benefits and effectiveness of the Phiten jewelry and products. They equate the working of Phiten with other alternative therapy and medicine procedures such as acupuncture.

FDA has NOT yet conducted any study in detail regarding the benefits of Phiten jewelry, and remains non-committal about its efficiency.

What do the Actual Users of Phiten Say?

In sharp contrast to the medicos and FDA, the actual users are quite enthusiastic about the effects of Phiten jewelry and products. Most of them swear by the positive effects of Phiten jewelry, and of course their fans are following them!

I searched around for some actual user Phiten reviews - here are a few ACTUAL statements / reviews from real users of Phiten jewelry – including Phiten titanium necklaces and Phiten titanium bracelets -


"I bought this titanium necklace just to try one more alternative treatment for my joint pains and was really pleasantly surprised. It seems to be actually helping. I take tons of supplements and use magnets as well as the Q-ray ring/bracelet but this is the first item that seemed to immediately help decrease the pain in my joints. I'll have to see how it fairs as time goes by but if constantly wearing a rather ugly necklace is the price to pay, so be it. I can't say it'll help everyone who tries it but it definitely seems to be relieving my joint pains. Yehhhhh.....something that REALLY works!!"


"I am a chronic sufferer of back and neck pain. An accident several years ago left me with a fractured vertebrae and more pain than I know how to deal with. I watch a lot of baseball on TV and saw a lot of players wearing this and decided to give it a try. This product(along with a weekly workout regimen) has helped me deal with and exceed my own standards of pain tolerance. I don't know whether it's a mind-over-matter type of experience, but at this point, I don't really care. If you deal with aches and pains similar to these, I would definitely give this a try."