Phlebotomy Certification Course

Taking a phlebotomy certification course of education can help you change your life and launch a brand new career. These courses are available through a number of different venues to meet your personal needs and career goals. Finding the best phlebotomy certification course set for you will depend entirely on what works best for you. Your choices will depend on how diversified you would like your career to be.

Short Term Phlebotomy Certification Course Direction

There are some programs available through a variety of institutions or online that offer a phlebotomy certification course of study that is expedited. It offers only the specific classes needed to complete the certification process. There are no electives and no extraneous classes necessary. This is a very focused program that requires fairly intensive studying regimen, but the entire course is complete in four to six weeks. Choosing a course of study like this will get you out to work quickly but will lead you to a limited career of drawing blood and collecting fluid samples.

Phlebotomy Certification Course Series In Training Schools

There are many different training schools and proprietary colleges that are dedicated to providing the training background necessary for their students to find the kind of jobs they desire. The phlebotomy certification class list offered in an institution like this will be very specific and centered solely around the skills needed to perform the job of phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Certification Course Online

For those students who would like to complete a phlebotomy certification course of study but cannot make time to go to classes, online schools and training programs are available. These online programs include classes in anatomy, physiology, and biology, as well as courses in record keeping, computer software, and social services to learn to work well with patients. You will need to practice what you learn on a phlebotomy mannequin before getting a full time job.

Accredited College Phlebotomy Certification Course Series

If you are seeking a more thorough, more diverse education, a more complete phlebotomy certification course of education can be found at an accredited college. An associate’s degree with a concentration in phlebotomy can give you a well-rounded education with an opportunity to broaden your career beyond simply drawing blood. Perhaps you could add classes to your phlebotomy certification course set to make you eligible to work in the lab where blood is tested and analyzed.

The Ultimate Goal

No matter which phlebotomy certification course of study you choose, the ultimate goal is to pass your national board exam. This is the certification test that will put your foot in the door at a doctor's office, hospital, clinic, or laboratory. While it is not required legally in most states to have that certification to get a job as a phlebotomist, it is almost impossible to be hired as a phlebotomy professional without having completed a phlebotomy certification course of study and having passed the exam. Achieving certification in phlebotomy is the best way to get started in your new career.