The number of new technologies now available to homeowners is quite astounding. These days you can have truly cutting edge home security features and monitoring systems that you can control from your home or from just about any place in the world.

Surveillance cameras have become incredibly popular home security systems because they allow homeowners to literally keep an eye on their home or office at any time and from any place. There are many options in surveillance cameras including small hidden cameras, motion-sensor cameras, and night vision cameras.

First you must choose between wireless or wired surveillance cameras. Phoenix security companies still stand behind wired surveillance cameras even though wireless cameras have become the more popular of the two. One reason is because even though they are more conspicuous and a bit harder to install, they are known for being incredibly reliable and for consistently producing high quality imaging. Wireless cameras are however more convenient and easy to install. Plus, they can be placed just about anywhere.

Once you figure out what type of surveillance camera you want you should consider the following:

4 Considerations When Buying Surveillance Cameras

Remote Access
This depends on your home security needs. Many homeowners do not have remote access capabilities, but if this is something that you believe you will need all you need to do is buy the software. With remote access you can monitor your surveillance camera system from just about any computer in the world. You can see both live footage and any recorded footage you might have, as well.

Security Firm Monitoring
Many Phoenix security services in my area can monitor a homeowner's surveillance camera system for them. This can generally be done anywhere in the nation by various security firms. All you need to do is verify that your surveillance camera system is compatible with the security firm's monitoring systems.

Many homeowners only need surveillance cameras with a live feed. Some simply use their cameras to see who is approaching the front door, for example. If you would like to have recording capabilities with your camera you just need to make sure that your camera system is compatible with the recording system that you will be using. You can record to anything from a VCR to your computer.


Many homeowners wish to place surveillance cameras both in- and outside of the home. If you will be placing a camera outside, do not make the mistake of overlooking weatherproofing. To keep your surveillance camera safe from the elements you should invest in a good weatherproof casing.