While many homeowners have invested in products like energy efficient appliances and solar panels, many others have not made the effort to go green. Even with all of the green products on the market and the attention that the environment has gotten over the years, numerous homeowners have not converted. However, Phoenix solar companies suggest that more homeowenrs might jump on the bandwagon when they begin seeing more of their favorite stars and athletes going green.

Arizona solar energy companies believe that in many ways society mirrors its icons. For some business and homeowners, seeing their favorite stars going green could be just what they need to mirror the same actions. Many movie stars and actors have begun to show their green sides, and slowly but surely it seems that more athletes are also beginning to get in on the trend.

Arizona is well known for its sky high temperatures and desert landscapes, but these days it is also becoming a sort of home to green culture. Steve Nash, of the Phoenix suns, is the new face of APS's solar energy promotions, for example. Perhaps, it is because there is such an abundance of sunlight in the Valley of the Sun. There seem to be solar companies cropping up all over the place in Arizona. Still, solar panel sales are not as abundant as you might think.

The NFL's 91st football season will also be marked in green. This football season the Arizona Cardinals stadium will be powered with 100 percent clean and renewable energy, which should give the team's fans a little something extra to cheer about. Phoenix solar officicals state that most people who go to sporting events are not thinking about how much energy it takes to power a stadium. Everything from the stadium lights to the scoreboard must be powered, and it consumes are vast amount of energy. Phoenix solar experts hope that the news about the Cardinals' stadium will raise awareness about energy consumption.

The University of Phoenix bought 1,135,000 kilowatt-hours of green energy through SRP's EarthWise Energy program. Phoenix solar authorities say that this is a huge quantity of energy. It will be used to power all 10 of the Cardinal's scheduled home games and is equivalent to the amount of energy that 60 homes would use in the course of a year.

The university has gone green a few other times in the past, but this season they wanted to make an even bigger impact on their environment. In 2008, they used 100 percent renewable energy to power Super Bowl XLII. Also in 2008, they used renewable energy to power a home game with the San Francisco 49ers--another team that plays in a green powered stadium

If it is true that people mirror the actions of their favorite movie, television, and sports icons, then Phoenix solar officials believe that the news about the Cardinals' stadium will inspire local business and homeowners to go green too. Perhaps it will even inspire other sports teams to do the same, as stadium events require an incredible amount of energy to power. Currently, the Arizona Cardinals are one of only a few sports teams who play in a green powered stadium.