To make the phone interview a success, become familiar with the type of questions you will need to answer.  Knowing what the questions are will help you become more ready and be able  to answer these questions with confidence as well as increasing your credibility. The phone conversation will touch on the same information found in the application. However, be well prepared to visit about your background in addition to your skills that you bring to the table as an employee.

These are the phone interview questions asked about your background for a typical phone interview:

Question-The name of your former company, the job title and description you held. What dates where you with the company?

Answer-be able to give detailed information to the employer. Know your specific starting and ending dates with months and years. Provide the details of what your job entailed for your phone interview.


Question-what where your starting and ending pay for your employer? What are your salary expectations? This is important to decide what your pay will be with the new company

Answer-don’t tell any tall tales. Be truthful and as close as possible to the actual amount. If you received bonuses and overtime, let the new employer know. Some candidates will simply give the total they earned for the last several years instead of their weekly salary. Let the new employer know what you expect. If you are willing to take a cut in pay with the expectation for salary increases every 3 months instead of every 6 months you can negotiate a salary you want instead of a salary they are willing to give.


Question-what major problems or challenges were you facing in your former position?

Answer-this is where you get the deer in the headlights look and fumble the answer. Do not fumble during your phone interview.

Answer-provide an answer that is an example of a difficult challenge you faced and how you wer able to resolve the situation. For an example, when the software for our new product  I developed a team of people to combat the problem and resolved the issue. Tell in detail how you developed the team and corrected the problem. An employer is searching for a candidate that can handle issues and offer resolution promptly as well as effectively.


Question-why did you leave or why are you leaving your job? This is a hard one for many folks.

Answer- do not bad mouth your former company or boss. Keep it even keeled and without emotion. Advise you needed more of a challenge. You want your career to go in a different direction. After receiving my degree I need to take my career in a new direction. I would like a job with more responsibility. Choose one of these responses.

If you were fired you want to use a different response. Actually this was a blessing in disguise for me to change direction in my job. The job wasn’t working out and my boss and I decided it was time for me to take my career in a new direction.

 in conclusion

These are job interview questions about your background that you want to answer effectually. Follow these techniques to give a wonderful outcome to your phone interview about your background. Refresh your memory before the phone interview for all details needed to answer these questions.

Phone interviews make some job seekers nervous. These are tips to make it easier.