Just like you should have prepared for the phone interview greeting, you should also prepare for the phone interview close -- with a closing statement or phrase to come just after you have asked a set of questions of the phone interviewer at the end of the phone interview. It is important that during the phone interview close that you leave a positive and professional lasting impression of you on the phone interviewer as well as with the aim to gather their personal contact information to employ a job winning strategy (more details below).

How to Conduct a Professional and Polite Close to a Phone Interview

Primarily the close is about one thing -- 'thanking them' sincerely e.g. "I am really grateful for your time today...", as well reiterating a little summary 'sell of yourself' "...and I just wanted to very quickly reiterate why I believe I am a stand out candidate ..." which is just at most two selling points that make you unique & they value.

The summary sell of yourself, should be just a few sentences that you have rehearsed and practised which contain three particular aspects.

The Highlights of the Phone Interview -- You will be surprised at how quickly the phone interviewer has actually just forgot most of your phone interview, remind them of the best bits. 

Your Interest in the Job Role and the Company -- There is certianly no shame in declaring your interest for the job as well as the high regards you have for the company, it can only work in your favour. An employer will always want to take the interested (which also often indicates the more productive and efficient) candidate over the somewhat uninterested candidate. Besides, a bit of gentle flattery can work wonders.

Overall Fit For the Role -- Mentioning the requirements of the job and why you have the skills and experience to more than fill them, and why you will go on to succeed in the job role. Essentially explain briefly why you are the perfect fit for the company. E.g. where they have asked for specific requirements in the job role, you can reference back to your 'wide range of experience in dealing with such requirements' etc.

And remember the purpose of most phone interviews -- that it is a 'screening process' in which you need a 'pass' to get to the next round of the recruitment process, hence little mention of job specifics (e.g. salary and compensation packages) should be discussed by either the recruiter or you (unless it is a job phone interview of course) but if they do mention it, make sure you that you state you wish to discuss such details in person -- as you will often find, you have a far greater negotiation leverage in a face to face position.

Get Hold of Their Contact Details

If you are wanting to employ a job winning end of phone interview winning strategy, then the phone interview close is also a good time to get hold of the phone interviewer's personal details, particularly their email, so you can follow up with the thank you email to the phone interview. If you have any further comments or remarks about the phone interview close, then I encourage you to please comment below.