For those of us that have chosen telemarketing as a career choice or even those of us that have fallen in to the profession, we are constantly striving to improve how we go about it an ultimately our results.  So here are a collection of my top 8 tips on how to improve, remember none of us are perfect at any of these in order to rise to the top we need to be constantly striving for improvement and you may find benefit in the tips below:

Phone Sales Tips

Tip No 1 – Plan Your Calls

Have a very clear idea in your mind what you are trying to achieve and the strategy that you are going to employ to achieve this goal.  Always have a script ready and be constantly revising it as calls take new and interesting directions.  Ultimately this way you will have thought and planned for most variations of call and this means your response will be measured and in line with what you are trying to achieve rather than getting flustered and off track.  Through adequate planning even if your conversation goes off on a tangent, you can bring it back on track quickly and smoothly

Tip No 2 – Your Tone Of Voice Matters

Most of us feed off the people around it.  This means if you are not really in the zone or if your mind is elsewhere, the person that is on the other end of the phone is going to be able to sense it.  If your voice becomes monotone after several days of getting told no then the one person that you have been looking for is going to say no too.

Tip No 3 – Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Up

More sales in our industry are lost by not following up than they are by following up.  It is human nature to think that we are being kind and fair to our prospects by giving them space to digest the information we have conveyed to them via telephone or email.  The truth is that the longer that there is no contact the more that our prospects will forget about what we have told them and a deal can go sour very quickly.  It is also really easy to build up reasons in our mind not to make a follow up call, thinks like “Person X has been on holidays for a week so they need another week to catch up”  Thinking of when to make a follow up call should be made in accordance with your overall plan and don’t allow your call insecurities to get in the way of this.

Tip No 4 – Use Names

People naturally like to hear their own name and the company that they work for.  This is a really simple way to build a more personal relationship in a short amount of time.  Make sure you keep a notepad next to you and write down a person’s name down as soon as they say it.  This is a really useful trick as you will be speaking with a lot of different people each day and eventually they can all seem to get muddled up.

Tip No 5 – Be Memorable

This is the fun part of the job.  This is where you can let your personality shine through your phone calls.  Don’t try to plan to be memorable but rather simply be natural, if the situation feels appropriate to drop a little joke her and there do it! It’s important not to try to do something that does not feel natural to you as your prospect will sense this and it will turn them off immediately.

Tip No 6 – Talk With Your Hands / Stand Up

When you do use your hands as you talk your voice will naturally be more expressive and the person that you are talking to will feel that you are not talking from a script even if you are.   I find that standing up and pacing whilst I talk helps for me but this is not appropriate in all work places.

Tip No 7 – Research

Before you pick up the phone, do some research into your prospects.  This can help in a number of ways.  Firstly, it can give you a good means to qualify the prospect before you even pick up the phone.  Try to do this during off peak times such as lunch.  Organizing an prioritizing your list in this manner can lead to faster success but it is important that you be conscious not to use this as an excuse for call avoidance.  Secondly, it can help you to find common ground with the person that you are calling.  For example if you find that a person has a dog on their Facebook account you can introduce this into the conversation where appropriate and this can help build rapport and trust.

Tip No 8 – Statistics

It is very important to keep statistics about the calls that you make.  Eventually you will begin to see trends in this and one of the most important metrics that you can track is the number of calls that you make vs. positive outcomes.  This ratio is of particular importance to those of us who are on a commission structure.  Say we know that 100 calls to get 1 extra sale and our budget is 10 sales per month.  In order to double our commission, all we need to do to double our commission is to make 1000 phone calls.  Pretty simple right? Well maybe these figures are a little farfetched but I hope that they serve to illustrate the point that I am trying to make.

I hope that you have found this article of some value, is there any tips that I have left out? What are your experiences?  Please comment below.

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