The photo booth business is getting crazier and crazier every year with progressively more competition.  Most booths give you the opportunity to take a handful of pictures and walk away with a keep sake for whatever event you are at.  Many companies are also offering guests access to their box of photo booth props at either a small charge or sometimes for free.

These props take your guest experience from novel, to the absolute entertainment mecca of your party.  As the owner of a Vancouver Photo booths service, I have experience and can tell you what props guests love, and which ones the venues hate.

Boas Verdict - Hit with the guests, not so popular with the venues

People love Boas in photo booths. They add colour and a touch of glamour that you don't get from many of the other props that tend to come with your standard photo booth props box.  The problem?  Unfortunately they are very messy.  A Boa is essentially a long skinny piece of fabric covered in either real feathers or artificial feathers.  These feathers never like to stay attached to the boa and wind up making their way all over the venue.  I would recommend bringing a vacuum if you plan to offer boas unless you would like to have the venue breathing down your neck next time somebody wants you at an event there. 

Chalk Boards - Hit with guests, can be messy

Chalk boards are another somewhat messy prop that guests absolutely love.  They can write their own little message and have it captured forever in their photo booth shot.  Unfortunately this is another item you need to be careful with.  As soon as it leaves the booth, I would recommend cleaning it off at your station as well as making a designated chalk board section.  You want to keep the venues on your good side and leaving chalk marks all over their floors and walls can be disastrous for your reputation.

Hats - Mega hit!

While you are going to have a few guests who are paranoid about ruining their finely combed hair, most guests will have had enough cocktails that they no longer concern them selves with how well their hair is sitting.  Fedoras, sun hats, cowboy hats, you name it! If you bring hats, rest assured people will wear them.  

Fake moustaches on a stick - Huge Star

Moustaches might have died in the 80s, but as long as men can grow them, people are going to think they are hilarious.  Make sure you get the moustaches on a stick prop and not the stick on kind.  The stick on kind tend to go missing and wind up getting stuck in inappropriate places all over the venue.  

Picture Frame - Beauty

A picture frame is another prop that people tend to really enjoy.  It is kind of silly but it is clean, simple and people tend to have fun pretending they are inside a picture frame that is inside a picture.  Unless you drop it and break it, this makes zero mess and is nothing but a good time.