Photo booths have become very popular at weddings and other events over the past few years, however, is it worth the extra cost? Although a good photo booth can be somewhat pricy, (700-1,200+) there are many benefits to booking one for your reception.  

Scrapbook for Bride and Groom

Many of the good photo booth companies will give the new couple copies of all the photos that were taken during their wedding. Better yet, some companies will put together a scrapbook, place the pictures in it, and have the guests write something to the bride and groom. When companies offer this option, it seems to take the place of guest books. 

In reality, how many times do you think the bride and groom look at a regular guest book after the wedding? Probably not many. But add some fun pictures of the guests having a great time, and some friendly words of advice or funny quotes, and it's a guest book that the newlyweds can look at for years to come!

Some of the photo booths not only offer the scrapbook, but will also give the bride and groom digital copies of the photos. This allows the couple to put them online, or to print out their favorites and put them in a photo album. 

Bride and GroomCredit: TIFFANY DAWN NICHOLSON (TDNphoto) from Chicago, usa

Guests Love It

Let's face it, most people just love bringing "favors" home from weddings and parties. With the right photo booth company, your guests will get to take home copies of any pictures they take. A good photo booth company will have a printer that prints the photos almost instantly after they are taken and one will be used for the scrapbook and then copies will be given to each of your guests. This can save the newlyweds from spending money on little gifts to give to the guests. 

Another reason guests love this new addition to the reception is that it keeps them busy. Usually after a ceremony the newlyweds will have to go with their wedding party and take pictures, leaving the guests to mingle. Sometimes this time can seem to drag for guests, however, a photo booth provides something to occupy their time. 

Great for Kids

If your wedding is going to have quite a few children present, a booth is definitely something to consider. Kids tend to get bored and tired at weddings as the night goes on. This is when you start to see the tantrums and meltdowns. While this is unavoidable to some point, keeping the children entertained can go a long way to keeping them happy. Kids love to take pictures, and most of them love to dress up. 

Before booking a photo booth company, be sure to ask if they will offer props. At a good company, these will be included in the total price for the night. If you cannot find a company that does offer props, find out if you can provide your own. Props make the pictures, and experience far more memorable for adults and kids alike. 

Children at Wedding

Whether these booths are going to become a wedding staple or not is still to be discovered, however, for now there are some real benefits to booking one for your reception. Chances are, the booth will make your reception more memorable for you and your guests.