When marketing a business, it is very important to properly brand both yourself and your business. One simple way to utilize company branding is through the use of photo business cards. These can be especially helpful in branding your company if the company is all about you! For example, if you operate a personal blog and want to have a photo business card, you should have a picture of yourself, because YOU are the major feature of your company branding.

Why Should I Buy Photo Business Cards?

There are of course many reasons why photo business cards are superior to others for the purpose of company branding, but highlighted below are a few of the more common and obvious reasons.

1. Association - Having a picture of yourself or your place of business on a photo business card can help your clients and customers associate and recognize you more intimately. Photo business cards give the opportunity for people to put a face to the name. Doing this is incredibly helpful for your brand recognition. Think about this, real estate agents typically have photo business cards. Why? Because when a real estate agent is selling, they are first selling their selves. They have to be a recognized authority in real estate. Having the association of using a photo business card is a very powerful step in establishing this authority.

2. Unique - Most business cards stick to a typical formula of logo, contact info, and name. Using photo business cards helps add a unique quality to your image and your business card. The whole point of company branding and business cards is to stand out and be recognized in your industry. Photo business cards make this more effective by giving a unique appearance to any business card, thus making it easier to stand out in the minds of the recipient.

3. Endlessly Customizable - Having the ability to add any photo you desire to a photo business card is a way to be creative with your branding in a way that is not typically possible with traditional business cards. This gives you a lot of creative freedom in deciding which photo to use. Using photo business cards means that you are not restricted to the same old stuffy layouts common among many business cards. As we all know, customizing means standing out, and standing out is great for company branding!

Where Can I Buy Photo Business Cards?

Local Print Stores - There are literally thousands upon thousands of print stores available that focus entirely on the production of business cards. Without a doubt, the majority can make photo business cards in their facilities. These stores can be found very easily in local directories and will often have websites. Kinkos is probably the biggest chain that is most recognizable. Check with them and see if they have any special package deals including photo business cards.

Big Box Office Supply - These stores are the Staples, Office Depots, and Office Maxes of the world. These stores have a document and printing center in store and will likely have the ability to have photo business cards made for you in house or outsourced. They will also have many other options available to aid you in other aspects of company branding.

Online - The internet is a storehouse for all things. Finding a company that you can buy your photo business cards from is an easy task in this modern age of the internet. Typing "photo business cards" into any major search engine will yield thousands of results. Most print stores and big box retailers have a web presence and you can often design and purchase photo business cards right from their website.

If you are trying to find ways to increase your brand recognition in your company branding, or you just want a little bit extra to help you stand out from the crowd, I encourage you to consider buying photo business cards. Photo business cards can be a great asset to any business and help you make your company brand picture perfect!