Editing Images in Paint Shop Pro

There are many reasons why you would like to change something in a particular photo. Whether you have a spoilt or faded image you can copy or cut something from one and insert into another image.

Would you like to remove someone from a broken relationship in a photo and replace him or her with the new person in your life? I will show you how to add or remove people or objects from one image and place into another.

Large SpiderCredit: Tphotos

I will be using Paint Shop Pro for these Photo Edits:

Before you do anything: Did you know that once you copy, cut, edit photos and then save to a hard drive that you will no longer see the details about the photo.

I will try to explain this in more detail.  How many times have you taken photos, and then wondered where, when, and what camera you took a particular photo with, so before you edit and save to another drive you can check the properties on each image.

How to check details of your Photos Step 1

Photo Editing: Step 1 checking properties of imagesCredit: TPhotos

Look at the photos in a folder, then right-click on the image to see the above information. If copied and saved it may only show the date that you did this as created date. As you can see the date created and the date modified is only one day apart.

Photo Editing: Step 2 Finding Details of ImageCredit: TPhotos

Step 2 Seeing details of image

As you have the properties part open  Click on the details tab at the top, to open the above settings.

As you can see in the above picture it shows all the details of your image. This particular image shows it in 3 sections,(because too much to do in one image) when you click on the details you need to scroll down to see all of this information.

If you have a modern camera you can often set your camera up with the longitude and Latitude which will display where you took the photo.  Remember this will be lost when copied or edited in most cases.

How to Remove Object and Place into Another Image

Open the two images you wish to interact with

Select the Freehand Tool-Work your way around the edges of the object you wish to remove by holding down the left mouse button.

Photo edits- Both First and Second Images to insert into one anotherCredit: TPhotos

When finished click copy and then go to the second photo, click on that, right-click and paste as new layer.

You can move it to required place, or click on picture to rotate or turn to suit the required look of your choice. 

Photo edit-Spider Inserted in Old Man River Gum TreeCredit: TPhotos

How to Add Objects to an Image Using Clone Tool

The clone tool allows you make copies of objects and insert them further over on the photo. It is one way of making a tree with a couple of oranges or other fruits look laden with fruit.

Open paint shop pro software and the Image you will work on

Click on the clone tool (two paintbrushes)

In my photo, I have added another piece of fruit.

Photo Editing - Adding a copy of objectCredit: TPhotos

Move the mouse to the right edge of the item you want to reproduce (fruit in my picture) and right-click the mouse.

Move the mouse to where you want another one, keeping the X in the fruit that you are copying.

Photo Editing - step 2 adding more objectsCredit: TPhotos

Hold down the left button and move mouse up and down to create a new piece of fruit. This does take practice and once you get the hang of it, you can duplicate anything. Those fish stories will look even better if you catch one, you can fool friends when your photo shows many more.

How to Join Two Photos Together

How often have you wanted to upload two photos on the internet as one image?  I find the simplest way is to use both Paint shop Pro and Word.

Open the two images you wish to join.  Sizes will not matter at this point. Open new page in word.

Copy the first image and paste into word, resize smaller by holding the mouse on corner handles and dragging in towards the centre of the image.

Photo Editing-Joining two Photos togetherCredit: TPhotos

Do the same with the second image. This time you need to make it small enough so images fit side by side.

Two photos side by side in wordCredit: TPhotos

Click out of images into word screen so no handles showing on images.  On your keyboard press the PrtSc Key, go back to Paint Shop Pro screen, right-click and paste as new image.  Now all you need to do is crop the two images as one. 


Use the clone tool to delete joinCredit: TPhotos

Notice you have a white line down the centre. Be creative and using your clone tool right-click on the right of the line now move your mouse slowly down the centre making sure that the cross stays in this case in the blue water.  You can click undo if you make a mistake.  It takes a bit of practice.

Adding Borders

With your photo open on the screen, choose the colours for your border on the right hand side.

Click on the image in the menu bar then, add the border, a new screen will come up.

Adding a border on PhotoCredit: TPhotos

When the symmetric box has a tick, all sides of the border will be the same. If you want a larger border on top or bottom, then remove the tick and change the size manually. Click OK.