Photo mosaic gifts have become quite popular this year, and if you have someone on your Christmas list that pretty well has everything, and you want to give them something different, then you should check out this idea.

What is a Photo mosaic? -  It is a method or process, where hundreds and sometimes thousands (depending on the size of the resulting picture) of tiny photographs are used and placed in such a way, that when you stand back from the picture it looks like a single image.

Basically your image is created from thousands of smaller images, and the look is detailed and quite stunning with almost an antique haze to it.  Some of the ones done in black and white are really amazing.

You may have seen this done in magazine and newspaper ads, but now you can do this yourself with software or you can also buy posters and other gifts, such as puzzles that have used this technology.Photo Mosaic Gifts

The puzzles usually contain thousands of photo images that are of the same person or object in the image.  If you look closely you will see the person in many other photographs in the tiny version and now it has been put together to create the single image.

Photo mosaic puzzles have become popular this year for gifts.  You can get puzzles of some of your favorite stars, such as this one of Elvis Presley or of your favorite comic strips.  These are more difficult puzzles, usually with over 1000 pieces.

Buffalo Games Photomosaic Elvis 68 Special 1026 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

They are a difficult level as you try and piece together this single image with pieces that also contain background images.

What If I Want to Make My Own Photomosaic? – This can be done on the computer.  You can do this online with some free sites such as and simply follow the instructions to make great wallpaper for your computer or posters and more.

Or you can download free software that will turn your collection of photos on your computer into pieces of art.

Or you can use photo shop, which you may already have, and create cool mosaics for gifts.  You need to follow the steps exactly to get results, but there are many different ways of doing this.  You can have the program use all the photos on your computer to create a single image, or specify for a different look.  There are some good tutorials on “youtube” on creating your very own photomosaic gifts.

So, rather than giving your friend or relative a simple framed picture for a gift, why not get creative?  If you have any photo editing programs on your computer, see if it can do this style of  ork, if not there are many free programs to download that can do this, or you can upload to some sites for a small fee.

Or, simply purchase an already created photo mosaic gift, such as a poster or puzzle of their favourite group or star.

One such site that sells great photo mosaic gift ideas and especially puzzles is Amazon, or you can check many gift stores and photo developing stores to see other ideas.