Some Interesting Apps for iPhones and Android

Free Photo Sharing Applications for Cell Phones

These days’ cell phones, especially smart phones are capable of much more than basic call and messaging functions. Equipped with front and rear cameras that have high resolution and high-end optics, an ever-increasing megapixel count, and environment specific shooting modes, cell phones are rapidly infringing on the digital camera markets.

Mobile phones with sophisticated cameras and the capability to connect to internet is a convenient way to snap, save and share beautiful memories and events. It can now be maximized the utility of the phone camera by using mobile sharing apps.

Here I am sharing some mobile apps that you can try and enhance your experience of photo sharing and saving it online:

  • Camera 360: It is a popular Android application. By using this app, you will be able to add effects to your photos. It also has options for converting photos to grayscale or leaving out a selected color. It enables you to share photos on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to download this application, you can it directly from android market website. It is really a cool app by which you can share your edited photo directly to social networking websites more conveniently and instantly.
  • Picplz: It is a free iPhone and Android application. This app lets you snap photos and upload them quickly to many photo hosting sources like social networking sites, Flickr, Foursquare, Posterous, and Tumblr. Using this app, you can also apply a wide range of filters to your photos such as ‘vintage’ and ‘enhanced definition filter’. Moreover you can also add captions and tag locations to these photos which help your friends in searching your photos.
  • Instagram: It is another free iPhone app with a wide range of effects. It allows photo sharing via social networking sites and photo hosting sites like flickr along with ‘like’ and ‘comment’ option. You can download this app directly from instagram website for free.
  • Path: A photo sharing app for iPhones, Path is a photo-centric network. You can sign-up and find the friends through their email or phone numbers. Capture the pictures from you iPhone and upload it directly to internet to share these with your friends. You can add only 50 friends which make this app more private and secure to share your photos to your specified friends and family.
  • Shozu: It is a useful photo sharing app for citizen journalism. It supports quick uploads to Blogger, WordPress and Typepad blogs and pages. It can be downloaded free from the website of shozu.