There are lots of people who buy photo lockets with the intention of placing the pictures of their loved ones inside the photo locket but very often they realize that they actually do not know how to place those pictures. There are certain things that one must look into before buying a photo locket.

Things You Will Need

Picture, photo locket, measuring tools, PC, editing software, printing software, good printing paper, printer;

Step 1

Before buying the photo locket, it is important that you take the measurements of the pendant and compare it with the pictures that you intend to place within the pendant. If you think that the pictures would just not fit in or are too small for the same, then it is better that you either change the picture to be placed or the pendant.

Step 2

If you have clicked the picture through a mobile phone and have them in your computer, then it is better that you crop the picture in the computer and then take out a print of the same. If you have the picture editing softwares and know how to make use of them, then it would be much better. Some of the softwares that can be used for printing purposes are Picasa, iPhoto, Photoshop, etc. But it is important that one prints out the pictures on a paper which is of the highest quality as the quality of the pictures completely depends on the platform where it has been brought down. These papers could be found at supply stores or art stores. And if you think that the printing cannot be done by you, then it is better that you venture outside to a printing place and take help from a professional.

Step 3

Most of these pendants have very little place for the pictures. Therefore it is better that one keeps that in mind and takes the pictures accordingly. If the pendant space is small, then go for pictures which just have the face of the person. And if there are two people posing for the pictures, then ensure that they are close to each other so that they fit in nicely.
If you think that these things are just not possible and are way too beyond your understanding, then approach studios which specialize in pendant pictures. These studios would shrink your pictures and try to fit them within the pendant. There are very few studios that offer such services and of the few most of them would render service only if you had bought those pendants from them. Therefore, it is better that you buy photo lockets from studios that also provide these services. A Gold Locket is a special piece of jewelry that will hold your memories forever, therefore take the time to make the right choice when purchasing one.

Tips & Warnings