Photography with KidsCredit: A Moment of Joy Photography

Photography with kids can often take a wrong turn quickly, especially with toddlers and little ones. This kids portrait idea for young daughters will be a photo shoot your daughter looks forward to and is sure to produce pictures you cherish forever. Having a play dress up session at home for a little girl’s portrait session will capture her youthfulness and charm in a comfortable setting. The best age for this is around the third or fourth birthday.

Set up a dress up scene with your photographer in your house. Make the background simple with a white backdrop and stand-up full length mirror as the main props. You'll want your daughter's personality to shine, so don't create a background that will outshine her.

Next set the scene with dress up clothes, accessories, and props. Add any simple, yet nice baskets or trunks you have to put the dress up clothes and accessories into. Think fanciful and charming. Add tutus, tiaras, large play jewelry, and kid's dress up shoes. Include hats, bows, flowers, and other hair accessories. Break out your costume jewelry as a treat for her to play with.

To make this work you needPortrait for kidsCredit: A Moment of Joy Photography to get your daughter excited. Don't allow your daughter to play with any of the dress up clothes or jewelry before the photo session. You can have her help pick out her dress up clothes and accessories leading up to the photo session, but keep her anticipation and excitement going by hiding the clothes until the day of the photo shoot.

On the day of the photo shoot, dress your daughter in a simple white dress without any accessories. No tights, shoes, or fancy hair bows. Let her watch you and the photographer set up the clothes and accessories, but not play with the items until the photo shoot begins. When your family photographer is ready, set your daughter free to try on all her new clothes, necklaces, hats, tutus, and shoes. Encourage her to look at her creation in the mirror and show off for you. But don't direct her in any other way. Don't ask for smiles or insist she look at the camera. Don’t tell her what to wear or how to accessorize. You want the photos to capture your daughter’s natural exploration and personality at this young ageKids photo ideasCredit: A Moment of Joy Photography. A good family photographer will capture your daughter's youth and charm without forced poses or instructions.

To add some sentimentality to the portraits, let your daughter wear some heirloom jewelry that you plan to pass down to her when she’s older.

One last tip: have a back up white dress ready so you don't have to stress about her getting it dirty. You want her happy and excited about her big dress up play day photo shoot, not upset because you are not happy about a dirty white dress.

Looking for some family portrait photo ideas? You can adapt a photography with kids dress up play session for siblings or family portrait pics.