Here are six verbal cues that re-assure her that you are the right man.

"I'll be going on my niece's field trip tomorrow as a chaperone, so I'm taking the day off."

Women are attracted to men who are success driven, but they are even more so attracted to a man who can differentiate some family time, especially when it involves kids. She will flash forward to you being a loving and active father of her children. When you return the following day, bring her a souvenir from the outting and she'll be yours.

"There are a few main goals that I want to reach in the next 5 years."

Besides the fact that you are looking ahead with more than a "whatever" attitude, women respect men more when they have goals they'd like to reach. She was surrounded by plenty of duds in her younger years, she is looking for a man that has a plan!

"Lets take a hot shower, I'll light some candles and even scrub your back."

When its loving that you want, but she isn't interested, its usually because the stress on her mind. When women worry about the day's or even past week's problems, it effects her libido and mood. If you offer to take care of her by washing her and going the extra mile to light candles, she'll soon relax and feel sexy again.

"I'm organizing a team of volunteers for...."

Whether you are helping an elderly woman with her groceries, or participating in a youth event, this line works in two ways. First, she will be attracted to the fact that you put your needs aside to help others, in which she feels that she can take care of those needs. And two, she feels like she is dating up, like you are doing more than her, so she'll be inspired to join you.

"Did you know that you have a heart shaped freckle on the inside of your left thigh?"

Now you don't have to use that exact line of course, but noticing something seemingly small about her body is a plus. In the early months of a physical relationship, mapping out eachothers body is just apart of the plan, but that usually gives way to the "cut-to-the-chase" carnality. So one weekend, pull the blankets aside and study her, feeling so close always strengthens bonds.

"I screwed up, and I want to hear what you think."

Whatever you did, swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. When you confess the mistake, it leaves you vulnerable and open which makes her feel less-defensive and want to maek it all better. Also, you are giving her a chnace to voice her opinion, which makes her and her feelings feel valued..

Women are often subjected to a lot of stereotypes, people who talk badly about men's behaviors, and bad experiences, so you have the cards stacked against you sometimes. However, if you choose what you say carfully, and always take her feelings and views into consideration, it will make the troubles a lot easier!