Phuket is an island in the Indian Ocean, 867 kilometers away from the Thailand capital Bangkok. From all the islands, under Thai's government, Phuket is the only one with its own provincial status. It has a very rich and marvelous history. The island is also called the Pearl of Andaman.

Currently Phuket is an attractive travel destination for many people.

During your stay there, you will have the great opportunity to enjoy the sea life by diving with a submarine. It is worth to mention the unforgettable beautiful seashores, ports, beaches and forests.

Actually, 70 % from the landscape is covered by mountains. The highest peak is called Twelve Canes and is 529 meters high. The other 30 % are low plains with small rivers.

Officially about 230 000 people live in Phuket. However, this is only the number of the officially registered people and varies depending on the season. Actually, there are also many people that are not registered, but live in Phuket. To this, we could add the tourists that visit the island regularly and a much bigger amount will come to mind.

The economy of the island is strongly driven by the tourist business. Of course, tourism is not the only part of Phuket's economy. It has very good developed agriculture - rubber, coconuts and pineapples. To these activities, we can add prawn and pearl farming. Pearl farming is very important for the island's economy. Fishing is also important for the development of the economy. The fishing port is busy all the time with exportation mainly of fish. A lot of the local people are employed in the building offices, hotels, family guest houses and apartments.

The island has a very big history back in time. We have recorded information for all the different names Phuket had back to AD 1025. The current name comes from Tamil manikram that means Crystal Mountain. It was also known as Junk Ceylon. Phuket was a stop station on the map between India and China. It is known that it was a part of Shivite Empire, Srivichai and Shri Tahm Empires too. The emblem of Phuket Island was the dog. It is interesting that the Dutch built a trading post in the 16th Century. The island at that time was divided in two parts; one of them was occupied by the Thais and the other one by foreign traders. The Burmese governed the island after that, but were driven away with the help of two women heroes - Kunying Jan and her sister Mook. The island declared freedom on 13th of March 1785.

During the 19th Century, Chinese immigrants came to the island to work in the tin mines and stayed in this area. Muslim anglers populated the coast areas.

Later on the island became a centre for tin mining provinces. In 1933, the government changed from monarchy to parliamentary system. After changing to parliamentary government, Phuket Island became a province.