Phuket, one of the most beautiful cities in South East Asia, and is one of Asia's top tourist destinations because of its fairly sprawling beauty and its residential suburbs. Most tourists admire the city because of unforgettable attractions and once-in-a-lifetime expeditions. However, before booking a flight and packing the perfect pair of swimsuit, there are some things to consider while planning the perfect Phuket, Thailand vacation.


barrier would not be a problem for first-time tourists who are in for a Phuket holiday vacation. The English language is widely spoken in the city, being the premier tourist destination of Thailand. For non-English speakers, the means of transportation are color-coded for easier distinction.


Phuket, Thailand is a great place to visit due to its great climate. The temperature ranges from 21 °C to 33 °C and the average humidity exceeds 82%. There are three seasons in Phuket, cool, hot, and rainy. Travel agencies usually offer its Phuket vacation packages during the months of November to February. It is during these months that Phuket has clear skies, cool northeast winds, little rainfall, and low humidity which is very perfect for the Christmas and New Year holidays. On the other hand, during the months of March to May, when the climate is very hot, travel agencies offer Phuket, Thailand vacation packages and hotel rates at a low, discounted rate because of the demand drop during this season. It is also good to plan a vacation during this season because one can enjoy Phuket's beautiful beaches and private resorts. Phuket is also known to be one of the places in Asia that have the longest rainy season, from May to October. Phuket vacation packages, hotel rates, and transportation costs may be at its lowest during this season but its not good and safe to travel and have a Phuket, Thailand vacation because of the heavy monsoon rains, large waves, and dangerous currents

Travel Requirements

Phuket, Thailand has been a great tourist destination through the years that's why the government requires its tourist to carry their passport at all times. People on a Phuket vacation can enter the country for a month without a visa. However, if one is planning to have a longer Phuket vacation, one must apply for a Tourist visa from the Thai Embassy or Consulate which is good for 60 days or approximately 2 months. They can also apply for visa extensions at the Immigration Department.