Staying fit during the winter season can be a taunting task. People tend to spend  most of their time inside their homes and travel can be quite difficult. So what are some enjoyable physical activities that a person could do locally or around the house during the cold months? This article will explain those specific activities and the physical benefits that assist in the health and well-being of individuals.
           If you have children and a few inches of snow are on the ground, there are several activities to enjoy throughout the day. Make a snowman with them, it not only is physically demanding but also it allows people to utilize their creativity. Also you could create a snowman competition to see who constructs the better looking snowman. Another activity you can do with your kids is to go sledding. Sledding with your children can be loads of fun due to the quick speeds sliding down the hill. The activity also benefits your physical leg strength from having to walk up a steep and snowy hill repeatably. Finally if you have snow on the ground, have a snowball fight with your kids. Often the activity requires cardio exercise to due the immense amount of running and avoidance of lobbed snowballs. Also arm muscles are built from not only making the snowballs but also throwing them during an all out duel.   
          Ice skating can be a wonderful physical activity that can be quiet enjoyable. Many towns have a local ice skating rink that usually is either free or affordably priced. If you have hockey equipment you can play a quick pickup game with friends or you can just skate around the rink and enjoy a time of relaxation. Ice skating strengthens core abdominal muscles due to an individual keeping their center of gravity balanced. These activities also build muscles throughout the legs due to the constant skating strides performed when accelerating and decelerating.  
          If you have a fireplace or wood stove, chopping your own wood logs can not only save your hard earned cash but also can strengthen muscles in the shoulders and arms. Chopping wood for an hour can also burn 504 calories in single session. The activity is physically demanding but really can save a few hundred bucks throughout the winter months.
          These are just a few examples of cheap and affordable activities one can do to stay in shape during the winter months. Building igloos, ice sculpting, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and other activities can be performed to promote a healthy lifestyle during these months. So have fun, stay fit and safe this winter season!