In today’s society children don’t get as much exercise as they used to. They are playing video games and not going outside to play and get exercise. It’s critical for children to get exercise and there are numerous activities that they can do to get more physical activity into their lives. Here are several suggestions to ensure more physical activity for your children.


A Family Getting Active
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Consider going out as a family and taking walks. This is easy to do if you have a dog because your child will be preoccupied with the dog. This is an easy activity that you cаn do at any time. If you have any trails or forested areas around your home these areas are perfect for exploring. This is a simple activity that can help children stay more active and away from video games all the time. You could make walking a regular routine for everyone to take part in.



Another physical activity that most children love is swimming.  This is a great after school activity to do at your local recreation center and it’s also perfect for those warm summer months. If your child doesn’t know how to swim then enroll them in swimming lessons. This is another activity that gets them off the couch and away from the game console.  Swimming is great at burning calories and it helps to strengthen the entire body.



If you have young girls, or even boys that love to groove, then enrolling them into a dance class is a good option. You will find many great dance classes around and it can be any dance type that your child has an interest in. You might try ballet, street, jazz or other dance types … it really doesn’t matter what dance you choose, as it’s great exercise. There are also many video games that children can dance to at home.  This is a good idea because it keeps the children active, but they can still play video games at the same time, which of course they love. These interactive games get them moving and not just sitting in the couch.


Interactive Video Games

In addition to dance games for children there are tons of other interactive games now that get children more involved in the game. They don’t just push buttons but have to get up and move in the game.  These are better options for your children because they will get some light exercise while playing the game and you can join in as well so the whole family can have fun. These games don’t replace real physical activity, but they can be a substitute when it’s too cold to go outside or it’s raining out.


Popular Sports

If you want children to get active try to enroll them in their favorite sport. This encourages working with others and it’s also great exercise. Your child will learn many different skills and they will make a lot of new friends. One thing you shouldn’t do is push your child into the sport. Your child has to actually enjoy the sport for them to benefit from the exercise. Sports tend to take a lot of time commitment so make sure you have the time for the child to play the sport.  Some popular sports for children include baseball, soccer, and hockey. Just remember that you’ll need to buy the gear for these sports so you’ll have to spend a bit to get them the equipment that they need.


Martial Arts

One great activity for young boys is martial arts. This includes activities such as Judo and Karate among others. Young boys may be interested in these activities due to the popularity of mixed martial arts which is a popular sport now. These activities aren’t so much about fighting but discipline and these activities can strengthen the body a great deal. These sports can work up to a competitive level as the child gets better at the sport. Martial arts also teach self-confidence which cаn help your child in other activities.



Girls will usually ted to go for skating activities but some boys may be interested too. Skating is an excellent sport as it teaches balance and it’s a lot of fun. This is also an activity the family can do together when the rinks open up for family skating time.



Another fun activity to try is skiing. There are plenty of slopes and areas on the mountain where children can learn how to ski with an instructor. This activity requires a bit of an investment because you need to buy skis and other equipment as well as pay for mountain passes. If you live near the mountains then skiing is a good activity to get your children involved with.



Children usually like biking so this is a good activity to get them involved in. make sure you buy the right safety equipment like kneepads and be sure they have a helmet. This is another activity that the family can do together. Biking is probably one of the more popular activities for children as well as adults so it’s great to add to your lifestyle and that of your children.


Skateboarding and Roller Blading

Skateboarding and roller blading are older sports that are popular again. These activities have more risk and it’s not one for young children. For pre-teens and older this is an activity they may be interested in Just make surе they have the right equipment and skate in the appropriate areas. If you have a skate park nearby, they can go there to skate.


These are just some of the physical activities for children. Make sure your children are well protected when doing various physical activities and that they understand the safety concerns. There’s whole lot of different activities children can do besides playing video games on the couch. If your children are active, try to find a few activities that the family can do together such as walking or biking.  Always ask your children what they like and don’t force them into something they have no interest in as this is just wasted effort.