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The U.S. government created the physical fitness grant program to raise more awareness among its citizens that physical health and wellness is an all-important part of living.  Funding is made available for further research and development of various ways by which individuals from all walks of life can get more involved in active pursuits.   Diverse projects and services are launched all throughout the year designed for the youth, adults and even the elderly.  Those who want to join have to meet the criteria for eligibility and follow the guidelines as specifically indicated in the application.

Sports Program to Cover International Divide

Organizations that are non-profit are entitled to lodge their application to this particular grant.  They include those that are based in the Pacific, Africa, East Asia , North Africa and the Near East, the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Central Asia.  The physical fitness grant program is strictly utilized for the development of various sports activities with deep focus on total fitness.

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Grants can be around six or maybe eight that may amount to about $60,000.  But, they could go up to around $225,000 depending on the assessment of committee assigned to approve.  The application should be for the youth, both female and male from ages 7 up to 17.  Certain programs that will give a chance to average athletes will go through some assessment.

Support Program for Conference

The number of people dying from multiple diseases is growing at an alarming rate.  This is the reason why the physical fitness grant program made a separate funding on conferences to highlight the significance of going for a healthy lifestyle free from major health issues like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart conditions, stroke and chronic back problems.  These platforms are designed and directed towards communities and are educational in nature.

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Conferences that are eligible are determined and may be sponsored by either profit associations or non-profit ones.  The scheduled conferences should take place anytime from the beginning of May, 2010 up to the end of September, 2014.  Total fund allotted to these events is estimated to be $1.5 million.  The conference can be done just once or those involved may choose to conduct it on an annual basis.

Preventive Health Block Grants and Related Health Services

The PHHS (Block grants) has allotted special funds that are meant for health initiatives and platforms that wouldn’t have gotten financial support in any way.  Federal law has authorized the grants for the 50 states including eight territories in the U.S.  The physical fitness grant program has further decreed the grants to be released annually.  Two more beneficiaries were also added belonging to two Indian tribes in the U.S.  The grants are supposed to be designated according to certain categories that would include chronic medical conditions, physical fitness, infection and immunization diseases, obesity and nutrition.

 Champions (For Healthy Kids)


The program Champions (For Healthy Kids) is a sponsored by the American Dietetic Association Foundation in cooperation with General Mills Co.  To date, a total of $500,000 has been awarded to various organizations.  They launched creative ways of pushing children in going for a nutritious diet that will promote their health and for them to pursue a more active lifestyle.  More than 50,000 children from 6 to 17 years old are beneficiaries of the program.  The “Presidential Active Lifestyle Award” is given to children in recognition of their commitment towards the maintenance of health living through proper diet and wholesome activities.

Carol M. White (PE) Program

The Carol M. White (Physical Education Program) takes place annually.  The program is geared towards community associations and educational agencies at the local level.  They are directed to create and help improve educational platforms for the physical fitness of K-12 children.  Structured activities proposed by the committee in-charge should be in conjunction with the standards set by the physical education authorities.  Necessary assistance is extended to make certain that aforementioned standards are met by those who participate.  Total awards that are given and the value may differ.  The appropriation for the programs will be done according to the budget set forth under federal law.

Jump Rope (For Heart) and Hoops (For Heart)

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Two popular programs that have been actively participated in by those who are eligible are Hoops (for Heart) and Jump Rope (For Heart).  Coordinators of both programs are given the opportunity and make an application to the American Alliance (For Physical Educ.) grant.  The beneficiaries are given awards of $2,500 that is done through split payments ($1,300 and $1,200).  The award of $1,300 allows the recipient to become a member of the American Alliance (for Physical Educ.) that also covers a sponsored trip for the national conventional that takes place every year.

Programs For The Elderly (Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services)

The goal of these special programs is to design health initiatives and enhance projects that will be directed towards the prevention of diseases among the elderly.  Funding opportunities will aid in the prevention of disease and the promotion of health services.   Diverse projects are prepared in order to promote health and welfare.  They include nutrition programs, routine health checkup, fitness activities, psychiatric and psychological services, health education, depression and stress prevention.  The program falls under the guidance of DOH and Human Services in cooperation with the Administration (on Aging).  Those who benefit include aging citizens with emphasis on some states that get less medical services from the federal government.

Programs for Discretionary Projects (For the Elderly)

The projects under this program are geared towards the development of services focused on the aging population.  They are aimed to enhance the health requirements of older citizen.  The initiatives and platforms will guide the aging population to better understand exercise and nutrition in the right context.  They will lay out ways and means by which the elderly can handle chronic diseases and their effects on regular daily activities.   US citizens from 60 and older stand to benefit from these programs.


New projects and initiatives are organized from time to time to constantly remind every one of the value of complete health by going for wholesome activities.  The physical fitness grant program gets its backing from the US government, various institutions and private organizations to help increase the consciousness among citizens that “health is wealth” indeed.